A World Spinning in Galaxies of Wonder | Heavenletters


A World Spinning in Galaxies of Wonder | Heavenletters

God said:
Will you assign Me a good place in your heart? Will you accept My love for you? I would like to propose marriage to you. Of course, We are already wed. I just want to be sure you know that We are already wed and more than promised to each other. The promise has been kept. We are One forever.

We are like a sandwich already made. This is a perpetual sandwich. No matter how many bites are taken out of it, it remains whole and untouched, just as it was the day it was made. It is fresh forever. There is no spoilage. It is a delicious sandwich forever.

United, We are a Union of One. This Oneness of Ours is magnificent. It needs no touch-ups. You do require reminders, however, so I am genially reminding you of what has always been. We are not a twosome. We are a One-some. How friendly We are.

How in love We are. We Who are love are in love. We live in love. We love love. We love Heaven, and We love Earth. In the same way as We perceive Our similitude, We begin to see Heaven shining on Earth. Despite clouds, the sun keeps shining through. You, every perceived one of you, is My sunshine.

What a world has been set before you. Delight in its many masquerades. See beneath the surface, and see Me and see you, and see a world spinning in galaxies of wonder.

How can even one molecule be created? Love couldn’t contain itself. Love burst forth like music, like a 4th of July display, like the sun coming out and dancing in front of itself. All these rays of sunshine dance and sparkle. What comes from Heaven reaches Heaven.

What if there truly is a Heaven on Earth? Imagine it. Grab Heaven, beloveds, and pull it to yourself. Within life on Earth lies Heaven. Heaven does not know how to separate. Earth and Heaven are figures of speech. Believe in Heaven as much as you believe in Earth. Believe in Heaven more.

Believe in Me more than all the teachers in the world. You have One Teacher, and you are the teacher as well as the learner. Ultimately, it is you who teaches yourself how to live in a world of imagination. Earth is a world of imagination, and how enrapt in the world do you find yourself. I recognize what is all-important to you, and yet illusion fades next to the Reality that feeds life on Earth. I am the Reality.

Was not life on Earth given to you? Did you not find Earth waiting for you? You are of the Earth and yet created in Heaven. So is the Earth.

You took a soul with you, and so did the Earth. Earth has soul. You are soul, and you are also a body. Earth also has an Earth body, and Earth is also Great Soul, just as you are. Sometimes you alight on the surface and you forget about soul. Soul never forgets about you. Like Me, it is always with you, and so am I with Earth, the land your body sports in.

You are not embedded in Earth, beloveds. You are embedded in Heaven, that which is called Heaven, which accompanies you wherever you may think you are. Heaven is the sun that shines on you, and Heaven is the moon that follows you. Leap to Heaven. That is what you are doing anyway. You might as well know that where you are from is where you are, and Heaven, where you really are, is also where you are going. Never mind trying to figure this out. Make the most of where you seemingly are.

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