The Solstice A Marker Of Personal And Collective Revelation


The Solstice A Marker Of Personal And Collective Revelation

On this winter solstice day, I feel a lot on the horizon for humanity. These past 7 years feel like they have been a prelude to some grand finale. The final act of the current Earthen drama. I watched the last episode of The Morning Show last night and I got this feeling that it was tapping into something very prophetic. For those that are watching it, or will watch it, I won’t be a spoiler. Needless to say, the lie that we have all been a part of, in one form or another, is beginning to unveil itself even as it seems to be ‘business as usual’.

The shadow is in revelation. It is surfacing and with that so is the Light we need to respond to it. We will not be going back to the ‘way it was’ for the words needed to prop it up no longer hold much value anymore. How long this takes is an unknown, but as each one of us continues to go into our own shadowlands and heal our hidden traumas and love our warts, the energy released and anchored into higher frequencies can aid in this process.

You get to be the whistleblower on your own co-creation in this constructed reality. This is not to punish or to feel shame, but quite the opposite. It is to love and forgive. It is to let go and let in. It is to choose to participate in another reality that is centered in your realness, your authenticy, and your passion. There are steps that will need to be taken that will not be exactly how a part of you may want them to be, but they are steps. Necessary and sacred.

The year 2020 is about clarity. Seeing clearly what is right in front of you that has just been veiled by fear, pain, and the old conditioning of what Love really is. False Love and False Gods are on their way out. This will have a reaction that causes quakes and tremors. How we each hold and care for ourselves in the process is the Ark of our new covenant with the Divine.

Mine is about being a real with myself and others as I can each day. Letting my inner world present itself more to others and not remain hidden out of fear. It is about claiming the job I was sent here to do so that others may do the same. It is like a giant game of leapfrog. I serve you and you serve me until we find ourselves co-creating a new story and graciously ending the old one.

On this day, I honor this journey for each of you and myself. I see this as our New Year’s Day. The start of a new cycle where heaven and earth become One and we enter a new renaissance of our humanity. Not through our technology but through our sacred humanity. 


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