Fountain of LifeDecember 21, 2019 by Rachel


Fountain of Life
December 21, 2019 by Rachel


When we become aware of who we truly are, then our embryonic shell breaks open and we become a fountain of life unto the world. These words from the Father are for you because you are a part of Him.

My Child,

I Am the Source and you are My expression.

As an extension of Me, you are a divine spirit that knows no end. What you are consciously aware of isn’t your limit, for you are limitless. In time, you can only see a slice of your true Self, but know you are far greater and always will be than your present awareness.

You are an expression of our intimate connection and all I give to you through it. I am with you always for I Am love, which knows no separation or condition. Through you My divine love is manifested in creation.

Through your mind of Truth which is shared with Mine, I create all things. You are my fountain through which my life, light, and love flows. Our united spirit pours living waters into creation making all things new every moment. You are becoming my expressed Truth in endless arrays of beauty, vitality, magnificence, joy, holiness, perfection, harmony and glory.

What you are, you give to the world. You see me when you see your true Self, for we are united. You are my expression, extension, and manifested Self along with all your brothers and sisters and all of creation. Though I am infinitely beyond your awareness, through the awareness of your true Self and your expressions of Truth you know Me.

You are endless abundance of everything good, perfect and holy. As you freely and joyfully give from this abundance, you begin to experience my Spirit of abundance within you and know its endless treasures to be shared.

You are my living words of life manifested.

Desire above all to release the false image of yourself, it keeps you from seeing and knowing your true Self, thus Me, as you are a part of Me and extend from Me. Embrace the creative power I’ve shown you. In the free will I’ve given you, which is in the likeness of my own, you direct your experiential reality by your choices for Truth or illusion. To choose Truth is to choose us, our expressed oneness. To choose illusion, is to choose nothing but endless dreams of separation.

You can’t know your true Self without knowing me and can’t know Me without knowing your Self. Forget your body for a time. It’s a past reflection of your old thought system. Know you are part of my Spirit, we are one. As you come to know and accept this Truth in its fullness (For Truth is one and can only be expressed in its fullness) then it will be reflected outward.

Every word I give to you, I give to all. ~

Father, let nothing tempt me to hold a false image of my self and obscure and hide the Light of my true Self. In Truth I cannot suffer, experience loss or any form of death. In Truth, I’m a fountain of Life.


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