A Healing for All of Humanity ∞The Pleiadian High Council of 7


A Healing for All of Humanity ∞The Pleiadian High Council of 7, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“We are The Pleiadian High Council of 7, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

We know so many of you are interested in the art and the science of healing, and we know that when you can heal yourselves, you can help others to heal, and you can heal Mother Earth as well. We know this because we have done it on our worlds in the Pleiades and with ourselves. We have also witnessed many great healers there on Earth, and we understand the healing process. We understand what it takes in order to find yourself in a body that is completely healthy. We know that many of you are interested in being healers because you want to be of service to others, and that is wonderful. What you really want to experience is alignment within yourselves.

And with your alignment, and your high vibration, you are then of greatest value to anyone who crosses your path, whether they have come to you for healing or not. Some of you just automatically do that to others whenever you are in the same room with them. You are emanating such a high vibration that others cannot help but be forever changed by the vibration you are offering. Therefore, becoming a great healer means that you first do the work on yourselves to access the highest-frequency vibrations that you can. You also can become quite good at spreading that around when you are called upon to do so.

Therefore, even if you are not offering such a high frequency of vibration all the time, some of you can summon it when necessary or when someone is coming to you for that healing. We also want you to know that there has been a lot of damage done to Mother Earth because of human presence there. And of course the plant and animal kingdoms have also been harmed by the presence of humans on Earth. Those of you who recognize this have taken it upon yourselves to do that healing work on your animal friends, your plant friends, and your Mother. You understand that whenever there is healing that is needed, you are being called upon, and you also see it as a great privilege to be able to offer a healing to anyone that is in need. That is truly the Pleiadian within you that is coming out in that moment.

We have perfected many different healing modalities in our star system, and it is in fact the reason why we have been able to ascend into this nonphysical state from the physical state that we once were in. Now there are still plenty of physical Pleiadian beings. Do not get us wrong. We are just referring to ourselves here as The Pleiadian High Council of 7. There are lots of different Pleiadian collectives and councils, and we all seek to help, and we all seek to offer you a healing.

And so, woven into this message are healing energies that you can all bask in, because that is our gift to you as we love eternally and infinitely. We feel very much like your grandparents, and we want very much to see you thriving and having a beautiful ride to the fifth dimension, and that is why we decided to start coming through this channeler here. But we are available to all of you at any time of any day. Call upon us, ask for what you need to be healed, and then relax and receive the healing that we are always bestowing upon you.

We are Pleiadian High Council of 7, and we are very fond of all of you. And that is all.”


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