Last Call for Igniting Infinite Light Vision


Last call: Igniting Infinite Light Vision!  

This is the last call to register for ‘Igniting Infinite Light Vision!’ taking place this coming weekend, Aug. 26-27.Whether you want to bring this amazing modality to your child, other people’s children, or to yourself, join us for an incredible journey.

  • A journey of diving into the realm of consciousness, thought, and energies!
  • A journey of activations, attunements and energy downloads allowing us to hold higher levels of Light!
  • A journey bringing healing, increased intuition, transformation, and shifts!
  • A journey seeing that the universe is truly magical and what we previously thought is not possible is possible!
  • A journey that continues with connection and support from Lee and the Council of Love with bi-monthly meetings, a private chat group and channeled guidance as you work with yourself or children!

AAUriel has told us:

“There is a world waiting for you that is more glorious and more astounding and brighter, filled with Light, more than you can ever imagine! It is calling you!”

Will you answer the call and enter a new world? Don’t miss this incredible opportunity! Register Here​​​​​​​.


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