The Clock is Ticking, At Least in Third Density


All the “weird stuff” we have been studying and learning about all these years is now becoming common knowledge — right before our eyes. 

The impossible has become possible, if not probable, if not passe’. 

There are constant temptations to feel fear, depression, anger, sadness and misery. There are also amazing transformations happening at the same time. 

I’ve been out there fighting for the truth on a widely diverse array of subjects since I jumped into the world of forum debates in 1996 — at the dawn of the Internet. 

That same year, in November, I took Art Bell’s advice and began practicing remote viewing. I used the “dream voice” format, where my focus was on getting spoken words. 

I got into a normal practice where I would just wake up and dictate words every few days. The source generated over 3000 pages worth of intuitive material!

This contact had a very transformative effect upon my life. I now knew, beyond any shadow of doubt, that I was in direct contact with my own Higher Power. 

When you have the future predicted with stunning accuracy on personal as well as global issues, over and over again, your skepticism quickly dissolves. 

The words themselves are also significantly easier to read than either the Cayce Readings or the Law of One, and have perfect sentence structure. 

The inspiration and love that flows is truly profound. And it stays with you. 

It is a very powerful experience to hear a multi-dimensional entity speak to you so directly and personally. Michael knows more about us than we do — and it shows. 

I spent the majority of my waking hours on these books through 1997, 98 and 99. My obsession with this work has had a flattening effect on my social life ever since. 

If you then asked me, “Could you describe your social life,” my snarky answer might be, “What social life?” I’ve done almost nothing but work ever since this contact started. 

What kept me going was the promise of Ascension — the idea that we will actually be going through an incredible upgrade within our own lifetimes.

In 1999, the contact identified itself as Archangel Michael. It wasn’t until 2022 that I “did my homework” and conducted research on who and what this entity actually is. 

The fruits of that labor now appear in Book One. I was very surprised to find direct examples of Archangel Michael fighting “the dragon” — Reptilians — in the Bible. 

Michael and many others are multi-dimensional entities who can nonetheless project into flesh-and-blood human bodies, and appear to us in that form if they so choose. 

Michael tells us to expect their imminent re-arrival on Planet Earth — the proverbial Day the Earth Stood Still.

Books Five and Six suggest this could be in our very near future.  

By the end of 1999, I became very aware that Michael had two main messages. First, there would be “something like a coup over the military-industrial complex.” 

Secondly, Michael had said we would not be experiencing catastrophic Earth Changes. I had a very hard time believing that data, and therefore mostly ignored it. 

I continued evangelizing about the 2012 solar flash right through until the end of the year — and was incredibly surprised when “nothing happened.” 

I had a vast wealth of scientific data, compiled from worldwide ancient and modern sources, that had led me to believe we would have a Solar Flash at that time. 

We can now prove that there was a Solar Flash on December 21st, 2012 — but on our next-door neighbor, Proxima Centauri. 

Michael apparently used a physics loophole to discharge the energetic buildup into our binary stellar neighbor, thereby saving the human race as we experience this upgrade.

This was only possible because our own “vibrational change” towards Everlasting Love was able to dissipate the pressure buildup that would have caused Earth Changes.  

I was very surprised as I re-read Michael’s material for the first time beginning in October 2021, and realized what the future actually had in store for us. 

Michael lured me into a two-year creative process. I put my very best into each of these books — so as to honor the incredible message they convey so powerfully.

Now the main period of contact, from November 1996 until February 2000, has been transformed into what will soon be seven books of material — the Michael Prophecies. 

This entire period of time in my life was now calibrated to reflect the present moment of the years 2022 and 2023. That tells me we are in a Defining Moment of History. 

I have already finished and published the first six books on our site, sparing no expense of time or energy to get them done as quickly as possible.

Every one of them is a masterpiece in its own right. I am happy to say there is no “filler material” in this collection whatsoever. It is a Grand Summary of my life’s work. 

I wrote these books expecting and believing that in time, and perhaps not too long from now, almost everyone will be reading them. I wanted them to be good enough for that. 

If the enormous events Michael is predicting actually come true, there is every reason to believe these books will become very widely studied and loved in the aftermath. 

Reading what Michael has to say now can dramatically transform your life. You can develop much stronger Resiliency to the challenges and struggles you face.

Each book also features multiple, complex prophetic dreams that I analyze. 

The Michael Prophecies will teach you the language of your dreams, both through the musical encryption of his words as well as the analyses of so many dreams themselves. 

I do still need to get our main website updated to reflect that there are already six finished books, and what each of them contains. I’ve been focusing solely on writing. 

Each book is loaded with stunning new data that I had been holding back for any of a variety of different reasons. It all now integrates beautifully. 

The Maui fire occurred as I was scrambling to finish Book Six. I then went through my final editing pass and found at least five different prophecies of this epic disaster. 

Michael’s take on these events is not to be missed. I will definitely do videos about this in the future, and your support today can help me get there even faster.

Michael has continued his practice of precisely aligning his prophecies with the real-world events that are unfolding as I finish the books. 

Book One emerged just as Elon Musk took over Twitter and fired many employees. My very first day of contact with Michael contained an intriguing prophecy of this event. 

Books Two and Three feature many prophecies of the East Palestine and Chinese Balloon incidents — so repeatedly that I was baffled as they would appear. 

Book Three also contains a long-awaited summary of the Alliance — how I see them, who they are, what they are doing, and where this is all taking us. 

These are not just opinions, but factual arguments presented with hundreds of academic references. I did not hold ANYTHING back, my friend!

I am now putting the finishing touches on Book Seven, and expect to have it done within a week. 

I want to give you this last-minute chance to access the six existing books, and the soon-to-be-published grand finale, at a significantly discounted rate. 

Once I finish the books in their entirety, I won’t be offering deals like this again. The reason I’m doing it now is I want you to be able to get in at the best possible rate. 

There is tremendous urgency in what Michael has to say. I wish I could be more specific, but I do believe we will see huge events in our imminent future. 

Those events will consolidate and prove an understanding that many already have, but many others still refuse to even consider. 

This will be a “Moment of Truth” in Earth’s history like none other. Some will find themselves very upset, but the overwhelming emotion should be one of joy and relief.

Michael has created a series of books that I believe will stand the test of time. Not only do they predict our safe passage through this current crisis, they talk of our Ascension. 

First, we as a planet have to “do our homework,” face the music, and directly address and confront the problems of our time. This is already happening. 

Once this process reaches a conclusion, and the lying finally has stopped, we have a far more exciting future ahead of us than we could have ever imagined. 

Michael is predicting the open arrival of his people among us. The words in these books will directly help prepare you for this monumental shift in human evolution. 

Think about it — a Higher Intelligence knows exactly what words to say that will trigger your transmutation — into a form of being that is closer to where they already are. 

Our “First Wave of Ascension” is predicted to occur by Memorial Day 2025. We will get an upgrade in our consciousness that is very profound.

This may not seem possible, but Michael builds an impeccable platform of trust by hitting us with many dozens of accurate prophecies in each of the seven books. 

You don’t have to take my word for it. As outrageous as all of this may sound, the case is laid out in a clear, compelling and convincing manner in each of the books. 

Michael’s multi-dimensional puzzle-box language takes seemingly impossible concepts like higher-density life and makes it seem as familiar as any other facts we might learn. 

I am very much looking forward to these imminent future events. I believe that once you have experienced any one volume of the Michael Prophecies, you will feel the same. 

Go here to access your unique opportunity to dive into this incredible body of material at a price that is going away fast. 

I will be doing audio versions of all the books as time permits, so bear in mind that if you hang in there, you will be able to listen to everything — and enjoy it in that form. 

Your support of this work is an incredible gift. I am rebuilding myself with your help. Michael’s books can have a similar effect on your faith and trust in the Higher Power. 

Thanks again, and don’t forget to enter your special code ASCENSION at checkout in order to activate this deal!




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