[LAST CALL] New Conscious Evolution Program


Hey Beautiful — 

Archangel Michael tells me that Divine Expression is the longing within our hearts, to live a life of peace and joy, fulfillment and creativity.

We each continually seek ways to experience this state of aliveness and joy, throughout our lives. We do all we can to achieve a lifestyle that we believe empowers this. But what actually makes this possible, is self-love, and the expansion of our consciousness…

It’s a state of being in which we accept the Truth of Our Being and willingly claim the opportunities for expression that are here, now for us.

In this state of unity, we feel worthy and deserving of all the good Life has to offer!

We are at ease in asking for and accepting all the resources, clarity, guidance and support needed to achieve the higher expression of all areas of our lives.

Divine Expression is available to us, and must be claimed.

This claiming is an energetic experience of allowing resonance and affinity with our wholeness.

It generally happens in phases, continually expanding, and occurs as we allow ourselves to BE WHO WE TRULY ARE and TRUST IN THAT. Being willing to step into it, and also learning to co-create with Life Itself by accepting both our worthiness and our eternalness, and integrating the transformation that occurs when we drop what is rooted in limitation, separation, lack and the patterns of our individual and collective history that does not fit the New.

Divine Expression is a Conscious Evolution Program — these are channeled, mystery school type offerings that include individualized energy work, channeled teachings and attunements and now, for the first time — collective remote co-creation and Light Work.

We begin this week! There’s still time to join us, if you feel called… but enrollment is closing soon…

We’d love for you to receive the gifts of these transmissions!
Learn more and see if this is your next step, here.



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