Lion’s Gate: Soul Groups Coming Together


Hello Beautiful —

The Lion’s Gate alignment feels more potent this year than ever before!

You may not know exactly what is happening, but you can feel when there is more going on, in times like NOW. And my non-physical friends tell me there is most definitely more going on now.

A recent message from Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant Light shared:

The Lion’s Gate is an alignment within your galaxy that serves the Divine Plan for the ascension of Creation as all alignments do. Each fitting into a wholeness of alignments and emanating energies that are sequenced in Divine Order, so that the multiverse may return to SOURCE.

Each alignment, the Equinoxes, the Solstices, the planets that are closer to Earth and where Earth is in the Milky Way, all affect the quality and quantity of frequencies that you receive. The light beyond your Sun — known by some as the Great Central Sun infuses frequencies from beyond your Universe into this world. All of this is working perfectly and intelligently to create what you know as your life on an ascending planet. Your awakening is an essential and important part of this vast and complex orchestration which includes, the biological mutation of your species and the recreation of your world.

You matter. Each of you carry layers of encoded intelligence to activate your form, to evolve when activated by the precise Universal energies.

We invite you to come together with us, on this Lion’s Gate, to act as a creative, collective field of Light. To invite the shifts, manifestations, insights and experiences you’d each like to have and to create in the world. To support and celebrate the Earth’s shift and to deepen your affinity with the planetary field. And to open to the Angelic Realm — we will transmit harmonious, grace-filled energies to each of you during this alignment to assist and to provide you with harmonizing, ease-producing love and light, to support your evolution in this time.

We’d love for you to join us!

Click here for all the details.

We’ve offered many levels of registration and scholarships.

All are welcome.



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