5th August 2022. Mike Quinsey.

5th August 2022. Mike Quinsey.
Time marches on and the situation upon Earth seems to be getting worse as sides are being taken over the conflict in the Ukraine. Stalemate appears certain and already talk of all-out war is being played down as Russia seems to have achieved its aims to protect its own country. It will take some honest talking to settle the issues involved, and there are always answers no matter how big the problems are. As usual our presence helps decisions to be made that are in the interests of all parties concerned.
The people are facing even worse situations as the problems mount. It seems that no one has emerged who has the authority and power to take charge of events that are in danger of running out of control. Leadership is a great responsibility that few are able to handle in a way that is fair and even handed. As individuals your role is to maintain your focus on your goal to lift up the vibrations. You would be surprised if you knew the truth of your power and how you stop the negative energies from taking over. In fact as more people realise their own potential to bring change into being, the more certain they can be of success.
We would remind you that just one person focussing on the light to help raise the vibrations, has a substantial effect greater than you possibly realise. Light workers are the key to your future as their presence ensues that the Light progressively grows stronger, overcoming the dark energies by taking away their power. So we encourage you to never lose faith in your own ability to change the course of mankind’s future. In the middle of your troubles they can at times seem overwhelming. However, we are with you and help you keep on your chosen path. Call on us when you need help as we are never far away and pleased to assist you where it is permissible.
Bear in mind that your path may cross that of a Master and you have no way of knowing it, but you may be uplifted by their presence. It is the “feel good factor” that makes you realise that you have “met” a greatly gifted soul. It is no wonder that the souls wandering around with no apparent purpose in mind cannot understand what life is all about. However, that is where their Guides come in by trying to get them to find a reason for life and seek upliftment. You have to get out the lower vibrations if you are to progress, and follow a path of evolution. It is surely clear that there has to be a purpose to life otherwise there would be nothing to aim for and no apparent goal.
Do you realise that family and close friends often meet up in several lives playing different roles. They help each other to evolve and progress as a group. In a freewill Universe just anything goes, but if you have made the wrong decisions you obviously have to experience the consequences of them. It is the only way you learn but once you have, you do not have to experience the same again. The ultimate aim is to get off the cycle of re-birth by evolving to a higher dimension. There are no short cuts to evolution it is through experience you gain more understanding about the purpose of life.
So what is the key to rising up when you are often surrounded by souls who are oblivious to the true purpose of life. Focus on your immediate need for experience and do not be distracted by goings on around you. If it is intended that you need certain experiences to raise your vibrations, then it is incorporated into your life plan. Life can seem full of random experiences yet in reality they are all linked to your need for certain types of experiences. Shared experiences are quite common where they benefit both souls. Man and wife would be a typical example and they are matched in the first place for that reason.
The time is nearing when you will meet extra-terrestrials who have followed Humanity’s path for eons of time. Many have lived deep within the Earth’s crust safe from interference where they have very much kept to themselves. Your experiences have led you to find various links to the ET’s, and their craft are quite commonly seen in you skies. There are rules about first contact that ensure your population are not overwhelmed or even scared by such an experience. But it must come and Humanity is quickly approaching that point in their evolution.
Many different E.T’s have contacted individuals for a long time but very soon it will become more commonplace. However, they will not appear in great numbers and contact will be limited so as not to overwhelm you. Appreciate that the idea will initially frighten some people who will need to be assured that they come in peace and love. Clearly advanced civilisations have much to offer us but only at what may be called the “right time” when Man has become a peaceful being. E.T’s can quite easily protect themselves against aggression but would achieve it through peaceful means. There are strict rules concerning “First Contact” and the protocol connected with it.
It is obvious that Man is not ready for an outright “First Contact” although there have been many close contacts over the last hundred years. The idea has been to gradually get you used to seeing our craft in your skies knowing that they come in peace. Craft with an ulterior motive would not get past the protective barrier that we have put in place. So you can see that outright contact will eventually take place, but we take our time so as to accustom you to the idea. As your brothers and sisters we care for you and are always on hand when you need help. We keep you safe from inquisitive visitors who may not always have the best intentions.
I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.
This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.
In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.

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