Sean Webb’s Personal Spiritual Enlightenment Story – I AM Spirituality 0020


Sean Webb’s Personal Spiritual Enlightenment Story – I AM Spirituality 0020

by John Smallman

The following is my response to many of you who have recently commented very unhappily on the state of the world today.

A couple of years ago I came across Sean Webb on YouTube describing his amazing and totally unexpected awakening experience back in the early 2 thousands. I just re-listened and was again quite blown away by it. He makes it very clear that we all CAN and NEED to find similar experiences for ourselves within ourselves, and so I concluded that I should share it with you all as the chaos in the world appears to be escalating, and his talk offers enormous hope.

Enjoy, John.

Here’s the link to Sean Webb describing his awakening meditative experience, runs 29 minutes. I was quite blown away the first time I listened to it, and it reminded me my repetitive childhood nightmare (age 1 1/2 through 9) that used to awaken me in terror. But there is no terror here 😊 :

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