Starseeds, Walk-ins, New Humans and the Golden Realm: Join me for a Journey of Activation and Awakening!

Sweet Beings of Light-

Are you a starseed on a galactic mission to assist in the earth’s ascension and anchoring the New Earth frequencies?

Let me ask you this…

  • Do you ever feel like no one truly understands you, almost as if you came from an entirely different planet?
  • Do you sometimes feel a yearning for home, but you’re not sure where that home is?
  • Are you certain that you have an important purpose and mission, but you may not be sure what that mission is?
  • Or maybe you know you are a starseed or walk-in here on a mission, co-creating and anchoring the New Earth!

If you can relate to any of the above, then this FREE ONLINE EVENT IS FOR YOU!

The Alchemy of Ascension Season V: Activating Starseeds, Walk-ins, and the New Human of the Golden Age

I invite you to join this FREE online event which will give you powerful tools and techniques such as how to:

  • Feel better in your body and bring your energy UP!
  • Activate and understand your DNA as a multidimensional stargate
  • Release stuck energy and heal yourself, your genetic heritage, and your soul lineage
  • IGNITE your spiritual gifts
  • Amplify your intuition and uncover your purpose
  • Connect to Divine Source within you

You will be delighted with the lineup of speakers on this show!  The summit consists of interviews with masterful leaders, including myself, who share their multidimensional experiences of star race and light being contact, light language, soul walk-in experiences,  understanding the truth about DNA, channelling, and esoteric mystery school teachings.

The wisdom being shared in this series will help you remember the deeper truth of who you are and your expanded, cosmic lineage.

Click this link to sign up for this FREE event:

 >>>The Alchemy of Ascension Season V<<<

About the host, Waxéla Sananda:

Waxéla (wa-shay-la) Sananda is a Galactic Shaman, Embodied Ascension Mentor/ Trainer, Activator of Spiritual Gifts, and Transformational Spirituality Coach.

In a powerful heart activating experience she opened up and understood her mission to speak and share about her lifetime of mystical experiences and bring together community, so that no one has to feel alone in their spiritual awakening.

If you are ready to join us and gain the wisdom to raise your frequency, heal, and connect more deeply, click below for a complimentary ticket. Every speaker is offering amazing free gifts adding up to thousands of dollars worth of downloads, all free to those who register!


 >>>The Alchemy of Ascension Season V<<<

Enjoy the show (and all of the free gifts!)

Thanks! I love you <3



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