Ailia Mira – Embodying the New Harmonics of Timelessness, Inner Harmony, Peace and Beauty


Hello Amazing —

I am so happy that we are starting a new Soar fest this week, the NEW HARMONICS Soar Fest!

The profound clarity of Archangel Michael and the Council of Radiant Light has been so exquisite lately. I am feeling so encouraged, soothed, expanded and clear. Their transmissions help me to feel centered and peaceful — these are wonderful energies to experience and such a gift to our world at this time. 

Each of us right now, are contributing our presence and energy to our world. How we are, matters.

A Soar Fest generates a radiant field of light that nourishes and expands us. It supports us in becoming more fully embodied.

In a Soar Fest we progressively cultivate greater accord with our own Soul, thus expanding, evolving and elevating our consciousness. This is an inner journey that reveals wholeness and the innate beauty of our true Self.

With each transmission, we open to receive, anchoring and embodying the messages that come. Becoming, together, a powerful, clear, radiant field of Light.

I am so ready for all that is coming through to us, and all we are understanding and allowing, embodying and becoming as we together, bring forth the higher expression of our own lives and our world.

This is such a beautiful and powerful time, to be doing this work. I’m so thankful for your presence and participation. And so grateful to our non-physical friends for the collaboration and support.

If you would like to join us, click here:

the NEW HARMONIC Soar Fest – Starts, Thursday, March 3

Lots of love,
Ailia 🇺🇦 

P.S. We’ll be specifically working in this Soar Fest with the energies of TIMELESSNESS, INNER HARMONY, PEACE & BEAUTY. The channeled message about this Soar Fest speaks more to these energies and why they are so important now. Read it, and get all the details here.


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