Your Holiday Gifts Have Arrived!

Hi my precious friend,
Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones! I am profoundly grateful for your presence in the world, and for our heart connection. This holiday season, I am thinking about you a lot, and sending a big energy hug your way.
I am excited to share this year’s holiday gift with you! I put a lot of love and care into them, so hopefully you’ll be able to feel it!
Your first gift is a 2 hour sound healing journey titled Unconditional – A Celebration of Healing and Wholeness.
This sound healing journey is infused with the most up-to-date sound healing technology, and is designed to help nurture, heal and support the body and mind on a cellular level. You can listen to this session while you work, sleep, meditate, or are doing anything else. This session is designed for multi-listens, as the healing and restoration that occurs builds with each listen. You don’t have to listen to the whole thing each time. Just a few minutes here and there will support you tremendously. The more you listen, the greater the effects of healing, joy and peace you will experience.
Receive UnconditionalA Celebration of Healing and Wholeness here:
Your second gift is a session titled I Am Empowered – A 5 Step Formula to Embrace Your Full, Free and Most Powerful Self
In this session, I share the daily morning and evening practices I have been doing for years, that have taken me from someone who needed to always people-please, to someone who honors and loves themselves in a way that allows me to be completely free, happy, healthy and myself.
Each step in the five step formula show up at the following times in the audio session:
Step 1: @ 2:18
Step 2: @ 13:49
Step 3: @ 25:10
Step 4: @ 30:06
Step 5: @ 37:25
Receive I Am Empowered – A 5 Step Formula to Embrace Your Full, Free and Most Powerful Self here:
I am also so happy to offer you and anyone who you know may benefit from my healing support and work, a super special coupon of an additional 60% off all healing courses from my online HEALING SHOP valid until midnight December 31st.
Your Coupon Code: HOLIDAY60
May you and your loved ones have an extraordinary holidays, and may 2022 be one of the best years yet for all of us!
With love,


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