A Message to Light Bringers – December 17, 2021


A Message to Light Bringers
December 17, 2021


This excerpt from New Earth Journeys is from Chapter 11 – “On Raising Children in Tumultuous Times.”

QUESTION: Approximately, how long will this incredibly challenging time last? Will my 8-year-old daughter live to see the New Earth and a peaceful humanity?

I ask, because all the spiritual sources I follow, including you, are gradually making all of us aware of the hard times ahead (and they get harder every time I read), and how brave we are to be born at this time. 

But they seldom mention how long we’ll endure this transition. Are we talking 100 years, or one generation? 

THE COLLECTIVE: We will say that for Earth’s people, “When?” is one of your most pressing questions.

You have been trained to exist on a third dimensional linear timeline, so that the future feels to hold potential difficulty one moment, and potential fulfillment the next.

The Present, your only real point of co-Creative power, is often ignored as you focus on what happened in the past or what might happen next.

This is enough to create a roller coaster effect on anyone’s emotions, particularly in this powerful time of transition!

It is indeed challenging to be on the Earth now. Understandably, you desire that all children come to know a planet that is finally at Peace, with all weapons rendered useless, and humanity sovereign and free.

Your information sources do not mention how long humanity must travel the rough road of this transition, because they do not know, exactly.

We can see the timeline unfolding, as some of them do as well. Yet it is not our role to tell you “when” or even “how.”

Nor have we ever said that the hard times you see now will only get harder. We also always make a point of encouraging Earth beings to actively notice all the good occurring now, in your own lives and in Earth life in general.

All we and others can offer, on this free will planet, is a list of potentials we see unfolding. Clear predictions, especially regarding timing, are unwise at best.

For one, the timeline can shift in a split second. And for another, it would never be our role to tell you, “This will happen on or around this particular date.”

That statement would then build expectation that would actually help to create that event or something similar in human life.

Expectation holds great power. This is why we ask you to employ it for your own well-being and higher good more often!

We do indeed see the fog you refer to, and understand your impatience to be free of it. Yet can you not see that fog lifting in significant ways, even now? . . .  



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