Hang out with us LIVE on Thursday!


If you’ve been wanting to ask me a direct, impactful question about my new course, The Disclosure, now’s your chance! 

Elizabeth and I will be hosting a live Q&A on zoom this Thursday night.  

(We are intentionally not putting this on YT, so we can speak with you more candidly about the world’s situation.)

If you’re in, all you have to do is click here, and we’ll send you the information. As soon as you register, you will also receive a form where you can submit a question.

During this meeting, we will be taking some of your questions LIVE in the Q&A.

What you’ll receive by attending this Q&A:
Now that I’m getting into the editing, I have realized that Ben said a lot more things “of interest” than just what I had in the slides, which we built the website off of. 

Now that I have a better understanding of the contents and their implications, I can answer questions far more precisely!

We will discuss the linkage point between ancient prophecies and civilizations that have greatly affected modern technology. 

Most importantly we will talk about you, information about your health, and the overall trajectory of our world. This has deep spiritual implications. The more we center and gravitate towards the Creator, the more effectively we will live life. 

Who is this Q&A for?
This is for anyone who is wondering what The Disclosure is really about, outside of what we can comfortably discuss in the Town Square. If you have been on the fence about stepping into The Disclosure, this is a free event that will certainly entertain and inform you, whether you choose to go any farther or not.

We will be going LIVE this Thursday, October 28th, at 5:00pm PT. 

See you there!

P.S. Ready to hack the galactic mainframe and snag your ticket to The Disclosure now? You can still register, right here. We add new perks and bonuses every week! 

NOTE: The Q&A is first come, first serve. Seats are limited, due to some technology restraints. So come early, if you’d really like a spot! If you don’t get a seat, we’re sorry! We will send you the replay.


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