New Crystals/ Silver-Light Dragons/ Magdalene ‘Doorway of the Heart’ Stones/ blessings Gillian


As we finally enter our next destination of time, we all seem to be stuck at the stoplight of self, waiting for the light to turn green. Crossing our fingers holding our breath, we wait on the sidelines for the universe to wave us forward. Stopping only to hone our desires, our wants and our needs we constantly look for the sign, the sky writing, that says, ‘thumbs up, the water is safe come on in, you can now cross the street of your life to the next phase of your journey.’

Eagerly we await what we feel in the pit of our stomach is really big! Searching our world, our reflections, and our intuitions for the cosmic directional. Feeling as if our legs are leaden, immovable keeping us in the land of the void, the unformed and uninformed. A place of no words, no actions, no foresight. Licking our wounds, feeling like a trapped animal in a place of no escape. Who will save us, who will lead us, who will be our messiah our president our commander and chief? We feel as if we are held captive within space and time, sitting in the place between heartbeats. The silence is loud; the energy of the silent void is deafening.

Within a tiny voice whispers,” Wait my Dear One, Wait! All is invisible and embryonic of state at this time. Wait until the tide changes and finally reaches the seashore of your heart. Do not rush into dangerous waters, out of boredom, out of fear, out of need. Wait for life to unveil itself, the new is not fully formed. Hold onto the seed dreams within your soul heart. They will be the fruit of the future.

You walk into a new level of life & light. Do not use excuses to become lethargic depressed and complacent. In this place that you for the moment sit, weave the longings of your heart into a vibratory tapestry of sub atomic particles that are destined to find their way into substantial form. Do not sit as a passenger in your life. Hold tight as you paddle through the breakers of your life to the calm yet powerful waters of the New. Let go of the fear of falling off of your flat life and being eaten by see-monsters. Sail fully without fear of failure. Follow the star chart of your destination with precision and then expect to land on new land that will provide even more than you imagined. Blessings Gillian. Go to to see pix and prices

Magdalene ‘Doorway of the Heart’ Stones

As you enter the Magdalene Heart Portal in time and energy you enter the ‘I AM‘ Presence of the Divine Feminine. The feminine spirit of Divinity signals the ancient past to come forth, whispering to it softly escorting it gently into the Now. Enter the soft strong powerful heart of the Magdalene thru these beautiful Pink Amethyst Carved Hearts from Peru.

This upcoming Holy Season of Light is about healing the four living-light chambers of the heart. It is about healing the past present and future heart ventures. It is Walking room to room with your own soul-light looking at what you have held onto for far too long. This Magdalene Heart doorway allows one to see from a high heart perspective what has all the flavors of love have taught us.

The encoding of the Magdalene is aligned with a deep love for what is holy, sacred and beautiful about Earth. It portrays a solid Light that has the strength and courage to allow Destiny to unfold even if the heart hates every minute of it. The Heart Portal of the Magdalene allows one to heal thru time. We all have so many heart scars, real and imagined injustices, that keep our light less than, since we have not embraced the learning.

Your heart feels the presence of the Magdalene her innate holy abilities and love surround you like a veil and yet it has not been anchored in her light. Your soul seeks a connection with that which seems fleeting and hidden from view. Like a heart longing for a love that has gone, yet still lingers in the evening breeze. The knowledge of the Magdalene has long been sought and is worth its weight in gold. It changes history and asks one to see with a new lens the possibilities of different time lines. All that one holds as a deep truth eventually fulfills its destiny and comes to the surface to be seen by the populace.

She has written herself upon the hearts and thoughts of many even though time has tried to sequester her memory. She has gently pushed her way into the minds of the masses whispering Remember Me. She knocks upon the hearts of many as she beckons entrance into their lives during this upcoming season of healing light.

The energy of the Magdalene Healing Heart portal is represented by these beautiful and powerful heart connector stones. The vibration of what is Magdalene in Light awakens like a tree that stirs in winter breaking all the natural rules. As always divine schematics are rewriting themselves into a new pattern, like a self-correcting program. The revival of the Magdalene comes forth as the seasons change. She was schooled in the way of visions and secrets laced with strength and courage to hold that knowledge silently. She knew of her fate and destiny from a small child. Keeping what she saw to herself.

This beautiful pink -rose amethyst heart is an oracle, a doorway to healing that which still holds shackles pain. This rosy stone is a healing device for personal and planetary heartaches, losses and sadness’s. It is willing and able to remove the pressure of living in today’s world, allowing one precious moments of Peace.

Pink rose amethyst is a stone of deep heart healing and unfathomable love. It bestows peace, the ‘perfect peace’. All amethyst enhances psychic and visionary abilities. Amethyst has long been used to open the psychic centers. The stone allows dream recall and quiets the mind. Amethyst is a Master Healer an extremely powerful shielding stone. It guards against psychic and adverse attacks transmuting negativity into love. Pink Amethyst has a strong healing deep cleansing power from washing the heart from the inside out.

These stoney hearts are like a beautiful pink rose on a windy day, they are gorgeous, strong of purpose and penetrating as they reveal themselves front and back. Just like us, one side of the heart seems healed and good to go, but what lies buried beneath our cavalier frontage needs healing. These beauties are just like us, lots of sparkle, some scars and future potential. They show us how to Embrace our very ‘everything’.

Silver- Light Dragons

I am always happy to find dragons in any form of stone or crystal, they always hold a special kind of magic that I/We obviously need. This group of grayish-silver dragons seem to be more intense that most groups I have worked with. They are very serious in their presentation of energy and teachings. They kind of remind me of the Lords of Karmic in their no-nonsense wisdoms.

These beautiful carved Druzy-Agate Dragons are a mighty loving Force that connects us to Source. They hold timeless truths and Divine instructions aligned with your Higher Light. Dragons make sure your wish, intention, or aspiration is always aligned with Divine Will before proceeding. They will only shine their light and power into your world when the universe has given the thumbs up. They come to reveal your illuminated soul path. When you connect with the Dragons offer the wish of your heart up to them, knowing they will keep it safe. Up, up and away the Dragons take your wish to the Creator generating a bridge of Light between Divine intention and human intention.

These dragons call themselves ‘Silver-Light Dragons’

they come to open doorways that have been sanctified by Source.

Silver-light dragons sometimes are also called ‘shield dragons’. Silver-light dragon act as a mirror they help you see into your soul. They ask you to embrace who you really are. Silver-light dragon Activate powers that are locked away Bringing hidden opportunities to life. they allow you to Embrace untapped spiritual resources. Silver is associated with the Divine Feminine, the ‘Female energy of enough’. they asks you to Let go of the fear of misusing your powers. Silver-Light dragons are also known as prosperity dragons, Good fortune will follow wherever they land.

The Dragon serves as a powerful guardian and guide; they are keepers of ‘great treasures and protectors of realms’ beyond our understanding. Dragon shows us strength, courage, and fortitude. They are messengers of inner and outer space showing us the fine line in-between the light and the dark, the formed and the unformed. Dragon’s power is that of shedding the skin and coming out anew. The dragon provides us with fierce protection and possesses natural magic. Dragon represents the supernatural self. The Dragon can ward off wandering evil spirits, protect the innocent and bestow safety to all that hold his symbol.

Agate is literally ‘a gate’, a doorway between realms of structure and the unformed. Agate is a stone of strength. It was used by the Ancients on the breastplates of armor to give warriors strength and make them victorious in battle. Agate enhances creativity and strengthens the intellect, making it a beneficial stone for students and artists. One of the things agate does is balance yin/yang energy. Agate is a very protective stone especially for children/ grandchildren and makes an excellent stone for a child’s amulet, medicine bags, or just to carry around in a pocket. Emotionally, agate gives courage, emotional strength, self-confidence, and dispels fears. It can also lessen feelings of envy by grounding the emotions. Because of the harmonizing qualities of agate it is excellent for removing and releasing resentments and bitterness. It enhances healing of all kinds by bringing the elements of the healed into harmony. Agate is believed to help discern truth from lies. This stone shows one how to accept present circumstances.

Druze Agate is made of thousands of tiny perfect crystals pointing outward, toward all of your dreams. Druzy is believed to be associated with peace and unconditional love. They amplify the body’s natural healing properties and strengthen the spirit. They also provide the balance necessary to avoid depression or feelings of fear or dread. These powerful little crystals act as a mirror reflection of the soul, helping to release lingering negative emotions, experiences or trauma stuck within your heart space. Druzy boosts creativity, imagination, It helps awaken positive self-love. The stone is thought to help reduce stress and uplift you emotionally. Druzy Crystal opens up blocked energies and helps you to find your inner light.

When you first get your dragon take time to bond with it and see all that was not displayed in the pictures. On the bottom side of your dragon I have taped a silver dime. This coin comes as a gift from your dragon. When you are ready remove your silver coin from the dragon and hold deeply your wish for prosperity. Call on your solver dragon and breathe your prosperity wish into the coin. At this point you can place your coin under your pillow for a moons cycle or you put coin back on dragon, either way expect new doorways of prosperity.


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