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Dear Ones,

You know you are different than before you exited 3D. And you know the same is true for your world – whether you define your world as the globe or your household. But those differences do not seem to be the peace, comfort, and joy we, of the Universes, prophesied.

So you are actively pursuing peace, comfort, and joy. And by doing so, you discover you have less energy to share with others and more need to explore within.

Exploring within is your key to personal success on many levels. We have discussed similar topics in past information pieces. The difference now is you are unwilling to wait for your dreams to come true.

You are actively seeking your dreams in ways you do not yet understand. So it is you have a need to stop, rest, and explore your wants.

Whatever you feel you need at the moment, you are beginning to demand of yourself and others. You are no longer willing to wait until your dreams arrive or someone gives it to you – as others get their needs met.

You are taking control of your direction, future, and life for the first time ever while of the earth. Oh, you have played with these thoughts and peeked out at the possibilities. But your possibilities were always in the future. “When I do this or complete that.” Or, “When someone values me enough to give me this, my dreams will be fulfilled.”

No longer are you willing to wait as you have been trained to do throughout your 3D lives.

In your Universal existences, thoughts were created instantaneously, as you have been doing in your sleep dreams for eons. It is time to bring those dreams into your earth wake state. And you are chomping at the bit to do so.

So it is you find yourself a bit cranky, tired, or even angry. “Where is it? I’m tired of encouraging others to live their dreams with my assistance and negating myself.”

You are perhaps acting a bit like a large 3D two-year-old. At the same time, you are acknowledging that you are a Universal being tired of playing the 3D game of maybe in your next earth life or when you complete this or that.

You are not a bad or selfish person. You are merely shifting into your Universal being tired of playing 3D games such as waiting for your joy so you do not take someone else’s.

Is it not true that many of you believe there is limited everything? That if you were a billionaire someone might starve? You do not dare create too much for that might take away from others. Such is a 3D thought pattern you are beginning to ignore.

As we, of the Universes, have informed you for decades, no one of the earth is limited by anything other than how they limit themselves.

Perhaps you counter with, if everyone was a billionaire, that amount of money would be like ten dollars is to you now – important, but not life-changing. So it is you continue to combine your 3D beliefs with your new you wishes and creations.

No one of the earth has the same dreams as you. Even though your current dreams might appear to be of your 3D past, they are of your future needs.

You no longer have dreams not required for your new you creations. Something you have likely not contemplated as you continue to worry about others – part of your 3D caretaking role.

Everyone now of the earth is as strong and capable as you.

There is no need to worry about others for their dreams are different than yours.

Even though those who have not yet transitioned beyond 3D may seem to have dreams similar to yours, their dreams are attached to 3D fear. Because you are no longer of 3D, you do not need to fear that your dreams are thoughtless, cruel, or selfish. Those are attributes of your former 3D life.

Your current dreams are stepping stones to your new being role. So there is no longer shame in wanting or feeling the need for something. You are beyond 3D fear and shame.

Dream and create big for this is a new world requiring big dreams from forerunners and all who follow. Your 3D fear thoughts merely reinforce the very structures you wish to destroy. Your freedom to create and be are the building blocks of this glorious new world.

It is time for you create instead of dream. It is time for you to stamp your feet and say, “Now,” instead of when this happens in the world, or that happens for friends and family.

This is your creation time. So stop pouting and start creating your dreams. You have the power – and the need to do so. So be it. Amen.

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