Carol Fitzpatrick – Guidance for May 2021

One of my favorite things to do is hang out in a room full of healers, intuitives and empaths, especially when we are all focused on a common goal. You just never know what spirit will bring.
Mark and I so enjoyed the weekend immersed in community. Our time visioning, activating the higher earth matrix in sacred circle, and, of course, the healing table work with all those glorious harps—sprinkled with ample bouts of playfulness and laughter—was good medicine.
After all was quiet, I sat down and asked for guidance to share a message with you. This is what came through:
Want for nothing. Sing praises of thanks giving. Share from the heart. Hail the coming of the Lord. Lord (Lord is Light that illumines) illuminating all.
Love is all there is. You cannot separate love from love. That is who and what you are. You are to understand that your Divine nature is not your form. Your form is an intrical part of nature, and upon your passing, shall return to earth. Earth is a living organism.
In it’s macro-cosmic nature everything is in balance. Be not concerned about your physicality. How can a flower be separated from its stem? How can a bee change form?
Accept what is in its entirety. An organism cannot survive without lifeforce to animate it, to breathe new life through it.
Accept what is. Honor your true nature: Conscious awareness. Your sovereignty and choice is what we wish to speak of. Sovereignty is to know who you are and what guides you to create, what captures your attention (through your imagination) and motivates you to create through your form.
Direct knowing is what guides you. Pay close attention to what is, and accept what shall be.
Know that as you are allowing of Love, Light, Spirit (that which flows through and animates form) to spark your imagination. As you begin to coalesce into a collective creation, we shall be there with you. [to hear more examples about how this is taking place, join me on the webcast, May. 10th]. See instructions below.
And so shall it be.
And so it is!
Carol Fitzpatrick
Visionary Guide and Soul Coach


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