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Sundeelia:  Soul Retrieval

Sometime in the 90’s, Tazjma embarked on a short study of shamanism.  She participated in some seminars sponsored by the fledgling organization begun based on the research of Michael Harner (d. 2018), Foundation for Shamanic Studies.  While aspects of shamanism appealed to her, she did not enjoy attending these events with other people, some of whom were intent in feeding their egos rather than learning about unseen worlds.  She did have a couple of sessions with some practicing shamans who performed what is termed ‘soul retrieval’ allegedly for her.  Still, the various tales told to her by these shamans again did not particularly make any sense or provide relief to Tazjma on her journey towards reconnecting with soul energy.

Tazjma did several shamanic journeys, simply using a self-hypnotic technique utilizing a tape of drumming rhythms that could lull the mind into a semi-trance, wherein the practitioner could see and experience visions of either the inner or upper worlds.  During these journeys, Tazjma gathered quite a crowd of animals, first encountering a mentor who could shape-shift into a wolf form and lead her to specific destinations in the inner (inside the Earth) world.  A giant red bear was also a frequent companion on these journeys, acting as protector and companion.  She also collected a koala bear, red hawk, and a white horse.

The white horse proved to be like Bellerophon’s mount, Pegasus, a horse with wings.  Instead of entering the inner world through a tunnel or cave, this horse carried Tazjma to the upper world, typically landing in the courtyard of a great castle.  There, Tazjma would meet a guide or mentor and have short discussions or lessons, half-remembered by her when arriving back.

Another journey took Tazjma in a magical boat that traveled along an underground river and came out at the entrance to another great cave.  Tazjma walked into the cave and there met a woman seated on a throne.  After speaking to Tazjma a few minutes, the woman shape-shifted into a great dragon who could speak to her.  Tazjma came to no harm.

One more journey I can remember (through Taz’s memories) is where she was taken far to the north to a great palace constructed of ice, gleaming under a moonlit sky.  There she met the Ice Queen who gave her a jewel which she took home with her.  I don’t remember precisely what the jewel consisted of, but it seems to be a bracelet made of silver (or platinum) and diamonds. (This was symbolic; personally, I would never wear such a bauble!).

Now, where does this sort of experience fit in with my journey?  Well, shamanic journeying seems to access worlds created out of the imagination.  There may be a ‘real’ aspect to the experience as a lesson wreathed in symbols is presented and experienced.  Tazjma began to understand that simply by being ‘there’ – whether or not ‘there’ was real in the sense you could physically be present – consciously, you were performing some kind of healing work for your psyche.  In other words, consciousness embraced a world or worlds that don’t exist within our physical reality (limited to what we experience with the five physical senses) but are ‘real’ nevertheless being made up by consciousness.

Now, where does soul retrieval enter into the picture?  Just yesterday, Lorie Ladd was speaking about how when you experience trauma, you leave a part of your essence behind.  Trauma can seem very minor to an adult mind but huge in the sensitive mind of a child.  Tazjma always remembered the time when her mother promised to come and kiss her before going to bed… but never came.  There was always the sense that her mother didn’t quite love her as much as she did her other two siblings.  As a result of this early trauma, this is what played out in Tazjma’s life, at least until nearly at the end of her mother’s life, she was betrayed and abandoned by those same two daughters, leaving Tazjma to care for both of her ailing parents until they passed over.

Seeing such events and finally coming to an understanding that no harm was intended, can aid in healing the sense of hurt, betrayal, and abandonment that the inner child of most adults today can continue to suffer until there is made a conscious effort to clear the emotions associated with the original trauma.

In the story of Raphael Kantor-VaCoupe – and you can certainly see it as a story rather than an actual depiction of events – he begins a spontaneous process of soul retrieval.  Once he begins to understand what is going on, he is aided through the remainder of the process by being granted certain powerful meditations to continue to re-integrate those portions of his soul essence that were most severely affected by his decisions and violent deaths during the course of the long Orion Wars within the Sirian Star System and the Pleiadian Federation.  In his case, the soul reintegration was necessary as he had an as yet undefined ‘mission’ to undertake on behalf of his adopted people, the Pleiadians.  While the original mission was not able to be completed, Raphael’s abilities were augmented by the reintegration to the point where he could continue to aid his people by utilizing his powerful psychic gifts as a Seer, one who could access the Now and see danger before it happened through powerful visions.

None of these events granted Raphael much peace, but his strong will and ability to tune into his inner guidance through daily meditation, allowed him to continue to hone his skills, gain in confidence, and was able to see beyond the limits of current expectations and limitations.

As with us today, there are cultural mores that are designed to stifle creative thinking.  Yet, this is not the Pleiadian way.  We learned the hard way.  Our cultures are conservative in nature, but we work with our isles.  We consciously limit our populations depending on the carrying capacity of any one isle (planet), the prevailing weather patterns of each isle is designed through collective consciousness.  We retain seemingly outdated technology simply because it ‘works’, rather than seeing a need for technology that negatively impacts our isles (e.g., large-scale mining, poisoning of the atmosphere, destruction of habitat or farming for the sake of profit).  While we have starships, we do not use cars or trucks or build roads using tarmac or concrete.  Instead, we utilize vehicles that can hover above the surface of the ground and do not impact the earth below or require anything but a small area to land and allow the passengers to disembark or embark.

Hmmm, I digress.  Back to soul retrieval and trauma healing.

The more you understand yourself, the more you begin to accept yourself and see your experiences reflected in the lives of other people.  As you reclaim those parts of yourself lost in other lifetimes or even this one, usually through childhood trauma, misuse, or abuse, you regain strength and balance now.  Instead of choosing to linger in pain and a sense of victimhood, you are choosing to reconnect to those parts of you that can serve you to better perform your mission (whatever that might be) now.  This is part of the process of accepting that you are a powerful being with creative abilities and can successfully reknit your beingness so that your gifts are presently available to be used.

To be healed from your traumatic experiences, whether from this life or another, or like mine, from long, long ago… it is a choice.  It is a choice that says to the Universe, “Yes, I affirm that I have the trust, faith and hope I can be Whole!”  And because of your faith, trust, and hope, the Universe answers in kind, giving what you focus upon and lovingly embrace.

So, what is it?  Continuing to reside in fear and confusion or making the choice to step out of the illusion and into the Light.  Light is Divine intelligence, also known as ‘wisdom’.  Your body contains within its intelligent cells everything you require.  Begin to listen to the intuition.  Be willing to trust your inner nudges, insights and visions.  Explore your dreams.  Journal.  Utilize your creative facilities.  Do not accept what other people tell is truth until you can use your facility for critical thinking and do your own research.  Learn to utilize boundaries while you are healing your psyche.  Learn to dance to the inner music of the soul as you reconnect your human consciousness to the consciousness of the soul… and thence, eventually, to the consciousness that is beyond, Source energy.

I wish you all well on your healing journeys.  The experience of being within a human vehicle is, potentially, a healing journey.  There are no guarantees, no service manual, but that which you carry within your own heart and open mind.  Explore, dare to step beyond and travel through the inner worlds beyond the physical senses, through dreams, visions, and imagination.  It is all there waiting for you to play…

By the way, I spent at least three very long lifetimes as a Shaman in the Pleiades, aiding in the healing of the Isles and teaching the people how to work with the elementals. However, that is not my mission while I am here…

I send my blessings and love to all,

I AM Sundeelia

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