This is an important moment in time. We are in the midst of another big shift and fork in the road. If you are expanding, be gentle with yourself as you adjust to feeling and integrating more. You will notice that important changes will need to be made around the persons, places, and things in your life. At this stage, in the eye of the needle, we cannot move forward with anything that vibrates with past agreements made in the fearful, smaller spectrum of reality. We are choosing Love.

Our hearts will expand and move forward, or they will begin to further contract and vibe with unconscious agreements from the past, including ancient ones. It is very important now to ask yourselves, who am I? What are my Divine gifts that I may have ignored up until now. And who is my community as we navigate through these extraordinary times.

It has come to my inner senses that I must reevaluate the level of public sharing that I have been engaged in for many years. The data that is coming through now is evolving with these shifts. In this timing, it is for the ones who can see, hear, value, and apply it. I am currently exploring new emerging platforms in which to broadcast all of my material. There is so much that I haven’t been sharing here because it would be “too much” for everyday eyes and ears, and easily throttled or banned from most of our current consensus platforms. The throttling has already been happening.

I will still share here. Nothing will change, except that you probably won’t see the latest transmissions from me. It’s why I started the Enter the Dialogue groups. And I will not, nor could I, censor what is streaming through now.

I am sharing this latest New Sun Day file on YouTube. If you like this platform, the link will be “unlisted” for now. Or, you may listen to audio-only on my SoundCloud account (below).

A quote from this recording:

“Please reconnect with the greater reality, the greater field; reconnect with your Divinity. Remember that you’re sitting in a seat here in a theater and you’re getting angry about the play. Go bigger. …
… will not win in your argument about the plot… and that you think the plot should go differently. That will keep you looping, cycle after cycle, until you realize who you actually are.” EM, New Sun Day, 032121




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