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Lady Hope:  Greetings!

via Sundeelia

Greetings, I AM Lady Hope, sometimes known as the White Lady, especially in the tales of my once son…

While the outer world is growing louder and louder, those who are ascending higher in frequency are seeking the calm found within the Heart Center.  To be fully aligned with the intense energies of photonic Light descending upon the planet, your solar system and sun, you are required to arrive at a balance within your own being, before expanding outward to envelope the world.

As within, so without, as Above, so Below, goes the ancient Hermetic phrase, which holds great wisdom.  Each person attracts to them the corresponding frequency of experience.  Raise your frequency through diligent inner work and you will change your world.  What you do here will also change or affect the trajectory of your soul evolution after you pass from this world.

Once advantage to those brave souls who have ventured forth into the lower frequencies of Terra is that you can, especially now, effectively eliminate the need to reincarnate over and over to learn the same lessons that once took thousands of lifetimes in a lower frequency.  Your planet now resides on the cusp of the fifth dimension, although most of humanity has yet to break out of the astral plane of the fourth dimension. Still, we do note progress is being made in many quarters, sometimes unexpected.

The current energies, although intense, act as a catalyst for immense soul expansion.  The reason great masters and ladies of Light continue to send fragments of their consciousness into incarnation upon this world is, that it benefits the higher self as well.  All experience is considered useful to Divine Source.

The way the soul grows is to be challenged.  How does carbon become a diamond? Pressure. Some thrive and adapt; others fail and fall.  Everyone, at every level, even those far above 5D, are challenged in some manner.  Do not think that because you are successful in reaching 5D that you will no longer be challenged.  We do not sit on clouds and strum harps all day.  We meditate and send forth our energies to augment and inspire those who are true seekers of Truth.  We join our energies as a collective to bathe the planet and the people in our Love and Light.

I AM the Archeia of the White Ray of Purity, Ascension, and Resurrection.  You may call upon me and my Divine Complement, Archangel Gabriel, to lend assistance to you when in times of need.  Call forth the Resurrection Angels if you need to clear out your space, to remove negative entities that are troubling you or others.  Along with Archangel Michael, we all work together, White and Blue Rays.

We go now.  This message has served as a brief introduction of my energies.  I will communicate more through this messenger later.

I send forth the healing and cleansing energies of the White Ray to all on this way as your world continues to ascend higher each day.

My love and blessings to you always,

I AM Hope

Channeled via:  Sundeelia VaCoupe Mathdis

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