The Symbols and Codes Coming in are Prepping Us for 2021 by Lisa Gawles


The Symbols and Codes Coming in are Prepping Us for 2021


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There is such a focus in my head today about sharing some ah ha’s I got while driving and listening to the convoluted universe book 2. I feel it is because this applies to all of us, especially when it comes to my readings!!

The hypnosis subject’s evolved Being speaking thru her was talking about her (and any other human) receiving various symbol’s either via dreams, meditation or otherwise, are not to be (fully) understood in that moment, but absorbed for later use.

As I was listening to that, I was instantly transported (in my mind) back to the 3 years I spent in meditation with Sananda and Franklyn (from the Pleiades) learning how the energy body works within the physical body. I would watch their energy target various places on people laying on table in this energy healing room we were always in. Within the energy were symbols I never understood. Equally there are things happening beyond words, for me, beyond my ability to understand. Yet, as this Being on the audio book said, the moment the advanced ability is needed, it is there. It is true, I did hands on energy work that often surprised me what I was consciously able to do…. KNOW HOW TO DO!! I have heard this same thing from many people I have read for over the years.

This is also the very exchange going on in our readings. I receive symbols for people in readings that i have no way of understanding or even explaining and god forbid spirit should help clarify any of it! Equally, we seem to get half information’s. Either half of what is coming up for us and not the rest, or half of what the current energies are doing to us, but not the outcome of what it means. Kinda pisses me off, it’s frustrating and spirit just holds back anyway.

I do understand that our consciousness, individually and collectively does not have the capacity to understand…. yet, so they present what we can understand and hold back all else. Many times, its all beyond words that we understand. It is in the using/doing the presentation happens.

I remember back in my beginnings’, I would go to the beach and do open eyed meditations with the sun and for days in a row, maybe even weeks, I would see these symbols streaming down from the sky like rain. I had no idea what it was, but watched it with fascination. I later found out that it was the Pleiadean alphabet. It still made absolutely no sense why I was being rained on time after time, to this day. That said, my psychic abilities and understanding’s did increase after that. Of course, its only hindsight, purposely looking back, do I realize it.

We are doing the same things in our connections, especially thru these eclipses and solstice time. 2021 is going to be an intense year and we are being prepped to serve thru it. (Gulp.)

This asset I call the New Body Template is an important enhancement for what we will be doing in 2021. As I do more body readings, I am seeing more and more attributes of them, exciting additions to the human, come online. I know it is because so many are actually using it now. Holding it solid in the field of light and it has become a natural part of those who hold and use the higher frequencies.

We are also being called upon to partner, consciously, with our friends from the stars as well as what we call the ascended masters. We have very focused work that needs to be done. If we can look at it like building a new house, there are many specialties that need to come together to create the finished product, same can be said for the evolution of earth and humanity.

On that note, I am going to close for today. First, I am being ask to remind you that many codes are coming thru this full solar eclipse that will be getting your ready for 2021. Go into meditation and embrace them!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of rapid acceleration and expanded abilities to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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