Sovereignty amongst Mandatesby Jenny Schiltz | Dec 9, 2020 | My perspective, Galactic Council of Light


Sovereignty amongst Mandates

Years ago, we decided to raise chickens and purchased chicks that would have more meat and be ready to eat in under 16 weeks.

These are a genetically engineered common breed. Well they were horrific… if one fell or began to have a heart attack (common from too fast of growth) the others would attack it and eat it. You could not wear open toe shoes near them as they would try to eat your toes. They were homicidal chickens.

When I asked a friend that studied genetics her response was that genes are very tricky – you modify one, others change as well and not always in ways we would believe or want.

We only think we understand genetics and the repercussion of messing around with genes. We are clueless. When I think of what this proposed “cure” does, it modifies your mRNA. They may think they know exactly what it is going to do, but in reality there could be some really funky unintended consequences. We never raised a batch of chickens from that breed after that. Something was really, really wrong with them.

I have had many conversations with the Council of Light regarding this issue and mandates.

What they have explained is that increased restrictions, mandates and even lockdowns serve a purpose. For many it was a pause that was needed. For others, it has begun a “shaking awake” process. It has absolutely helped us dive into the collective shadow and our personal participation in it. It is also an opportunity to stand in our sovereignty and see through the illusion.

Another thing the Council has said is that in ALL THINGS we have complete sovereignty, if we choose to walk in it. Even those that are mandated to receive the “cure” can tell the body (you can also do this for your children):

“I do not consent. Bubble whatever it is in Gold and get it out. There is no permission to make changes in my body.”

Likewise, if you choose to take part in the prescribed cure, do so from a place of sovereignty, not fear. There is no judgement either way, we each have to choose what works for us, regardless of another’s perception or belief.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. Nothing is more powerful than YOU standing in your glory with no fear. This time period is all about walking in our power.  No fear as the dying reality is making lots of noise banging the fear drum. We choose if we want to lend our energy to play along or walk away.

Sending you all lots of love. Thank you for the support of the the work and the shares. Grateful for you all.

Jenny 💗


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