Message from the Angels

Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There are worlds upon worlds in both your 3D reality and beyond. There are entire communities of diverse individuals all within a mere half inch of your pinky finger – communities of skin cells, bone cells, blood cells, capillaries, cuticles, hormones, neurons, and so much more! There are a myriad of diverse communities within a square foot in your yard – leaves, soil, bacteria, bugs, molds, water, roots, etc. Likewise there are nations in your gut. Without exception, each of these natural communities is designed to follow its direction from the Source and exist in harmony and balance with the diversity of life around it.

Humans were designed this way too.

Problems arise when you forget that your diversity is your strength. Your diversity causes you to grow and expand. Your diversity, if harnessed with love, can make the human race exponentially more capable of solving its problems. Your diversity guides you to examine your own personal point of view and find your natural place in the ecosystem of the human race. You signed up for diversity when you came to this earth. The One became many to explore all that it could become, and you are part of that One, while also being completely unique. You are all precious cells in the body of the earth, and in the Body of the Divine.

Knowing this, it makes no sense to insist that anyone else must think or act the way you do. Knowing this, it is equally absurd to expect yourself to be the same as everyone else. It is instead, of great value to your soul, to use the diversity as a way of exploring your preferences, much as you would if you were sampling food at a buffet. “I like this. I don’t like that.” At a buffet you would not insist that the host remove all food you don’t like. You wouldn’t judge it or cast aspersions upon it! You would leave it there for others to enjoy, and simply, without drama, partake of the food you do enjoy. You might try something new and discover you like it, or try something new and discover you don’t.

In any case, you are striving to discover and uncover what makes you You. What makes you unique? What makes you special? Do you dip your pickles in peanut butter? Most of you will cringe when we say that, but a few of you are curious to try it. Sweet and sour and salty works for some and not for others.

You only seek sameness, because you fear that the differences can encroach upon, or threaten, your own personal reality. This is a false premise. You and you alone decide upon your vibration and your vibration dictates what part of the “buffet of human experience” you will experience.

So rather than fearing those who do not think the way you do; rather than fearing one political candidate or the other; rather than fearing those who have radical beliefs or those who are intensely conservative; rather than fearing anything different than your own way of being, remind yourself, “I AM One with I AM.” “I AM One with the love that lives in all things and all beings. I AM through my choices, my thoughts, and my actions emitting a vibration that will draw elements of this vast buffet of life to me that match my vibration.”

If you focus angrily on those who you think can hurt you, you’ll find yourself drawing forth more and more of those whom you fear and dislike. If you focus lovingly on those whom you would like to empower you will likewise be drawn to those of like mind and heart. The healthy cells in your body, in all their diversity, do not war with one another. They do not fear one another. Instead they find their “communities of like mind” and co-exist in harmonious and balanced reality.

The chicken on the buffet does not despise or judge the desserts although these two items would rarely be seen mixed in together on the same plate!

Mind your own vibration dear friends. Focus upon that which you wish to empower. If you don’t want to be in the storms, imagine and focus upon peaceful and calm weather. Then, even if a storm should come, it will dissipate or you will be guided safely out of its path.

If you want one political party or the other, focus on that which love about your party or candidate. Better yet, focus on the which you would love to see in the world. If you enter into a political discussion with another speak about what you love – not about what you hate. So many of you know what you don’t like, but do you know what you do? Use the contrast to figure that out. Then, even if another starts speaking angrily or with hate, you can shift the conversation. “Tell me what you love about your candidate or party.” Listen with respect even if you disagree. Strive to learn about others’ perspectives, rather than simply defending your own. In doing so you’ll stay connected to your ever-loving soul, and you’ll find greater love and compassion for others. You are happiest when you are being your most loving self. You feel most like the real you at those times.

Dear ones your world is at boiling point due to the false premise that sameness is necessary. So many are insisting their way is the right way, and it is… for them! Your way is the right way for you. If everyone were to focus on what they love about what they love, and about who they love, the best of the human race would emerge. Mother Nature would not have to release your pressures in such a violent way. Opposing parties could learn from each other and bring their strengths together. The diverse races would band together in creative “think tanks” to draw from their strengths.

The reality of “live and let live” is not yet real for many upon your earth who remain chained by their own fear or hatred to that which they fear and hate.

Nonetheless, you can find freedom! You can examine the diversity, learn from the contrasts, and decide who you wish to be. You can choose to love yourself and your perspectives without hating or fearing those who disagree. You can choose to love even if others hate. You can have faith even when others fear. You can be the light and the love and the truth and the way for a greater reality which is indeed being born upon your planet amidst the chaos.

Without exception, no one can encroach upon your vibrational reality unless you allow them, and it is always your vibration that dictates what you allow or attract into your own personal experience of life.

You were never meant to be the same. You were never meant to think the same, behave the same, act the same, vote the same, cook the same, eat the same, learn and grow the same. You were not meant to look the same way, interact with one another the same way, or speak the same way. You were meant only to love as you embody the vast diversity of the One, to live and let live; to find the differences that can be used for mutual benefit, and to walk away from those who don’t.

We need you dear ones. We need your love. Your earth is shaken, stirred, and swirling, and yet your hearts can be centered in knowing who you are, what you love, and how you want to live, without any fear whatsoever that another can take this away. Vibrationally, you are, and always have been free, no matter who agrees or not.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels
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©2016 Ann Albers, All Rights Reserved. 


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