A Message to Lightworkers – September 11, 2020by Caroline Oceana Ryan


A Message to Lightworkers – September 11, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today a reader asks, regarding the transition to new forms of living on the Earth:

“How will we all get our basic needs met? We’ve been programmed to think the only way to get food, shelter, and extras is to work and earn money.”

We would say, that many of you are already in this place in which you are having to move from the “hard work” paradigm to using your vibration to co-Create. 

You are all of you moving beyond the old training, experienced over many lifetimes, that held you in check each time you felt your visions, expectations, and belief in yourself going beyond what you were taught is possible for you.

It is indeed very challenging to move from the false comfort of what you have known in the past to realizing freedoms and forms of co-Creation you did not consciously know existed until now.

It is so that humanity has been very clearly trained for many centuries to think of its physical survival as depending upon earned income of one kind or another.

It can feel to be catastrophic to see one’s weekly or monthly financial flow suddenly slow or stop altogether, with only so much allotted through unemployment assistance, for those who are considered to qualify for such.

Other related issues then crowd in as well, so that it is not hard to begin to feel “all at sea” and isolated from normal everyday life as you have known it.

And so this then becomes a time in which the old forms of living no longer apply.

It may appear that those playing the role of your adversaries plotted this development intentionally, yet they have unwittingly opened the door to your far more powerful co-Creation.

We ask you, for your own sakes, not to panic or feel undone.

The Universe does not obey, bow down to, nor run with fear at the machinations of that one tiny component of its wholeness that lives in shadow.

Like you—a beautiful outpicturing of its most loving visions—the Universe revolves, flows forward, moves on its own higher Light, without need to cling to old forms, as creating new and higher forms is so enthralling.

A beautiful adventure to be savored and explored each day.

We will refer at this time to that astounding Center of Light that is the Universal consciousness—the All That Is—as Mother/Father God/Goddess—that beautiful All Knowing Presence that Creates, that loves you without reason and without end, and knows you, your dreams, visions, and greatest Joy and greatest sorrow, without judgment, without ever needing you to change.

There is your starting point, dear ones.

Not the outer social or economic forms. Not the news and all it claims to portend.

Not a political “reality,” which can change in the blink of an eye.

Understandably, your thinking will need to shift powerfully in order for you and those you love to remain free of the heaviness of thinking that outer appearances sum up your life at the moment.

You are aware of the thoughtform—deeply ingrained in the minds of millions—that “the only way to change the shape of my body is to half-starve myself and exercise like mad.”

We would say, that kind of frantic, uncomfortable action is not the only way, dear ones!

The process of releasing excess weight holds many components, so that food and physical exercise are perhaps only 20 percent of that journey.

Another example would be someone wanting to learn how to play the piano, and simply begins hitting the keys.

Anyone who loves or has studied music would assure them, “You will need to learn the basics! What about playing scales, proper technique, reading music? It’s your own realizations and learning that determine the quality of your playing.”

You are now in the same situation, regarding receiving the Abundance and sustenance you require on a daily level.

It is time to release the idea that simply Doing something outwardly, such as “hard work,” is what is needed to create wealth, which is just another word for Well-Being, or even just a basic sort of income.

We wish for you to understand that your money came to you in one way for a very long time, for many lifetimes, because it was your expectation that it would come to you that way.

That was humanity’s agreement with money, your agreement with it. You require a new one now.

So that now, if your expectations shift to other forms of wealth-creation, that too will occur.

We are aware that you have been trained to see the term “wealth-creation” and roll your eyes or sigh with impatience, due to the number of times you have seen that term linked to someone’s online program or ebook that specifies that only certain actions and certain forms of work will bring you the income you seek.

We would ask that you rinse that phrase free of those old expectations and associations for the moment.

Allow the word Abundance, or the word Freedom, or “Abundant Provision” to move into its place instead.

Or another phrase you prefer, which to you means, “I AM a co-Creator of Abundant Flow and Provision.”

The point is, to move the idea of Money and Abundance out of your left-brain and completely into the heart-space. 

Move it from a place of “This is something I have to do to survive, and I resent it” to a place of “I love creating Abundance on a daily basis. It comes from a place of Love in the Universe, in me, and in others.”

Now you have moved out of the old paradigm.

Now you have overcome the narrowness of your former training, which was designed to fail you at different times in various ways. 

Now you have escaped through a portal to a higher dimensional life, and opened up to a whole higher form of living and Being.

You are the only ones to do this, dear friends!

There is no outer circumstance that will make this a simple and automatic understanding.

In order to move into this new way of living—and it is well worth it, as the other way is closing down, and offers only stress and anxiety now—you must realize that your source of Abundance was never money itself.

It was always the One you look to now for inspiration; your colleague in co-Creation, the Universe.

Though you will hear the old phrase, “May the Force Be With You,” you will recognize increasingly now that it is actually (and was originally) “May the Source Be With You.”

And more than that, you will increasingly see that Source Energy and Source Existence, which is Divine Love itself, has always been with you.

Your turning consciously now to that which has always assisted you, always lent you the breath in your body, has never desired to fail you nor disappear on you, is the first and most powerful step into your Ascension beyond and above the failing systems you see around you.

We would not hesitate, dear ones, to move into ongoing dialogue with this loving Presence that loves and cares for you unceasingly, and which now opens the doors to its many gifts of Wisdom and Knowledge that create not so much a “rescue” scenario, but one of ongoing empowerment.

We would not wait till you are hungry and desperate till you realize that this is a great holographic system you live in.

That what you consistently image, give thanks for, trust, and enjoy as Real will always demonstrate outwardly for you, though all else should fall away.

We speak in generalities, yet for each person’s own situation, we do encourage you to speak with your higher self and guides each day, and ask, “How do I create that wealth that is my well-being on all levels?

“What is the Divine Idea to assist me now?”

Then keep your eyes and ears open for their higher guidance.

It may come as information from a video or article, from a conversation with a friend, or a comment from a stranger.

It may be an idea that pops into your head suddenly, full of Light. Or an answer (a Yes or No in response to a question) derived from muscle testing or use of a pendulum.

You may be able to actually hear your Spirit team speaking to you inwardly, though if you are unused to working with them that way, act on the smaller issues first, to test and ensure that the guidance you hear is indeed from the higher Light.

Once you are sure of that guidance and know it can be trusted, do not doubt the beauty of that assistance, dear ones!

You will not be abandoned now.

And know that the New Earth you have asked for could not arrive until the old was ushered out and a space, a vacuum created for the new to appear.

Create a vacuum in your own life, through steady giving to others, whether it is a tithe of 10 percent, or giving of possessions, food, or your time and energies. 

That, and steady Thanks offered inwardly throughout your day, will open many doors to new forms of Abundance you did not know existed.

Be of good courage, dear ones, for Angels stand at your door, knocking.

Answer, and know that we are here.

Namaste, dear ones! You are never alone.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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