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Worldwide Intent Declaration

“I am IN FAVOR OF  peace and harmony in the world; IN FAVOR OF  a clean, healthy environment; IN FAVOR OF protecting and caring for earth’s animals; IN FAVOR OF financial abundance and health for all the world’s people.”  “I am very Thankful for my ability to create anything I choose in my life. I choose Peace, Joy, and Love!’  

I received this statement from Jamie, one of our list members, and saw the brilliance and simplicity of truth come forward. In the petitions that have circulated the Internet we have seen what people are against. As the Law of Attraction teaches, anything that we focus on, we create. Let’s focus on what we do want and intend for our lives and for our planet. In that way we hold an energy that brings about that which we have declared that we intend.

Here’s How You Email me to Make Your Declaration

Email me, Nancy at  with your name, state (opt.), and country of residence. I will post them on the signature page.

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* 06-03-20: Response; see Below


 07-02-16: Video, “Let There Be Peace On Earth”

 Watch & Listen to Slideshow ‘Build A Bridge’

(I thank for the music, and The Judds for Their Original Rendition of Love Can Build a Bridge,  now sung here by Nancy.)

 View Pictures Representing Hands Around the World In Unity, Courtesy Marlies, and a new one Courtesy Jackie

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  * See Responses of Wisdom  from ‘Signaturee’s’ Below


NEW: 06-03-20: I AM an instrument of divine light and love and healing power, and the almighty I AM presence guides and guards me, hour by hour. I AM ready to spread light and clarity and wisdom upon those living in darkness and deceit, and I AM deeply grateful for all the love, joy, and abundance, music, guides, words, ideas, blessings, and good things that surround me every day. Oscar Rorvik

06-01-20: In our New Earth, there is no longer any hunger, no division, no crime, no domination by anyone. Energy is entirely home and community based, free and environmentally safe in our New Earth. In this 5D world we are all empaths now, sharing our thoughts and feelings. Total peace. A planet of indescribable beauty. Pure clean fresh water, abundant new plant and tree species grow everywhere giving us awesome new fruits and vegetables, which nourish our bodies. The air is sweet, pure and clean, animals we have only dreamt about abound, even the unicorns are back, and they are all herbivores, loving and friendly, and the wee folk, including the fairies feel safe to frolic with us once again. As creators, we can create our homes now in fantastic designs at the blink of an eye. There is no limit. We can travel anywhere we wish on the planet just by imagining ourselves there. Peace, abundance and prosperity are our natural way now. We spend our days conversing, gaining knowledge, loving and living in harmony, growing communities together within the framework of love, compassion and kindness; for the good of all of humanity, valuing all life again in sovereign freedom.  All of us growing in unity consciousness, with the Divine, together as ONE. What would you like to see in our New Earth? Jenny Phare; Healing Places. (Image from Jenny).

05-26-20: I put forward my name for our New Earth to join in a new community that lives and serves each other. We live in love peace and light with respect for mother Gaia ,the elementals and other sentient beings. And so it is , Maureen Milbourne.

05-11-20: All above I choose the high healing frequencies of peace, love & joy. I am very thankful to all the faithful & creative supporters visualizing & creating a peaceful, new pulsing world in abundance respecting plants, animals and each other. Men & women to look with new devine soul eyes each other and see all the crystal light and brilliant. I choose to rise up children as creative lovely golden souls. Silvana Gaebler

03-19-20: I declare a love for the multiverse and respect for all its beings. May love for peace and harmony reign, and may all to be surrounded by loving, light forces so that truth and honour and respect prevail. I hope for a harmonious abundant fertile planet earth with loving harmony in every vibration. Joanna Dalietos

01-16-20: The many positive changes that are in the etheric and trickling down to 3D are so inspirational! My friends, I look forward to peace, freedom, unity of all, free energy, frequency beds and healthy food, water and air. Let’s join our hearts, minds and souls and Ascend now! Jane Hoffman

01-04-20: “I am for Peace and Harmony of the world FOR a clean environment and healthy, in favor of protecting and caring for the animals of the earth FAVOR of financial wealth and health for all people of the world” . “I am very grateful for my ability to create whatever I choose in my life. I choose to Peace, Joy and Love!  Jose R. Bossa

01-1-20: I am love; I am light, I am for peace, love, joy, bliss and abundance, for our planet and every living thing upon her, Margaret Moran.

08-17-19: I Declare my Intentions for World Peace, Joy and Love to All Humans! John Langerman

07-29-19: I am my own sovereign being and activate my original blueprint of the Infinite Creator of All that Is and I only have a contract with The Light and Love. I am here to restore Love and Light to planet Earth and it’s habitants by being the Grandest Expression of Who I am in Love Light and Joy and Transparency on all levels. I am a Light Worker sending Light to All That is Present on Earth and beyond this includes all Those who are obstructing to restore the plan of Love and Light. I am detached from those plans and send Light and Forgiveness so All can move on the Ascension Path. I dream and manifest a New Earth and New Human of co creation, beauty, abundance, free energy technology, harmonic living with all kingdoms of animals, plant and mineral, life protecting and enhancing and Life creating systems and protocols, self sovereign beings driven by heart and soul energies of Love Joy Peace Nurturing, light and forgiveness. A win win for All beings in all dimensions !!
AHO So be it!!  Rita Scholten

 07-01-19: I declare Divine Freedom for Mother Earth and all of the people, animals and elementals, living on her being. It is my intention through creative action to inform the good people of massive and positive change coming to the planet. Which is bringing on the next golden age and all life and planet advancing to the fifth dimension. It is time for peace, freedom and abundance in every area for all! It is time for total truth disclosure about our Galactic brothers and sisters that are here now, and for all of us to live in oneness. It is time for the people to be empowered mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually! Chris Link

 07-01-19: Mehran Keshe, an Iranian nuclear physicist, has been teaching the world about plasma science for the last 5 years or so. He has given all of his patents to the world freely and has stated that he and his wife (who are both Masters) incarnated here at this time to do this and to enforce peace. Iran and Russia and soon China already have space ships based on this technology which make the US forces obsolete. He has also given us the means for everyone to have free energy, health technologies that make the current system obsolete etc etc etc. The world is about to change in very dramatic fashion as the old crumbles and the New comes into being. Warren S Mandseth.       You may go to  for more information.

05-01-19: I here déclare as a person who works for and in the divine light from the south of France (partially spiritually speaking a Desert). I wish to totally support Gaia’s journey into her complete ascension path Allailulia; Marie Toms

01-29-19: Wish all our dear mother earth and all living on her a wonderful liberation to love and security. Peter Johansson

01-22-19: I declare that peace, love, unity, freedom, bliss, healing, ascension, wisdom, enlightenment, alignment, harmony, balance and abundance is the experience of all living beings across all time and space and in all dimensions. J Mathers

 01-22-19: “I am very Thankful for my ability to create anything I choose in my life. I choose Peace, Joy, and Love!’ David Dunham

12-25-18: I AM ACKNOWLEDGING my participation and BLESS the UNION of our COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS as we CO-CREATE HEAVEN on EARTH, for the highest and greatest, most benevolent outcome for ALL HUMANITY. -IT IS SO, AND SO IT IS. AMEN. Chad Christian

12-03-18: Response of Wisdom, Plus Earth Friendly Information on New Response Page

11-23-18: Use my name for there to be peace. To all those souls perished before and in the now, are now with us as one. I believe in new earth and in a new timeline that will occur in this timeline that we’re living. Let there be peace on earth in each soul incarnated, pure bliss of love and happiness. All animals, tree’s, plant’s will live in harmony with us. May God Bless Us All. And God Bless you Nancy. Manuel Varela

09-04-18: Please add my name for peace, for caring for all peoples, for our animals, for our forests, for our earth mother, our oceans and rivers.
May all be transparent with leaderships. Olive Sinclair


06-23-18: I am part of an all-volunteer group called who are dedicated to saving the planet by establishing the world’s largest marine peace park. We call it MAPS​: the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. The Arctic ice is the world’s air conditioner. As it is melting rapidly our climate has become extreme, with resulting floods, hurricanes, drought, and rising sea levels. MAPS is a simple solution that will ensure that the ice can re-generate and the climate will calm.Will you consider signing our petition please? For love of the planet, Debbie Uttama. Love the Planet. Protect the Arctic. Please sign the petition at 

09-29-17: I am so happy and grateful to be in this incarnation with so many Galactics present to assist us in our Ascension process. We are remembering that we are all ONE. I am creating a world of love, joy, peace and an abundance of all good things for all my brothers and sisters around the globe. And so it is…..From Katherine

07-29-17: I am in support of world-wide cooperation, peace and love. Where we celebrate our unique diversity of expression while sharing all the beautiful things we have in common that bring us together in the love and joy of being one in spirit all across this magnificent planet!! From Cherie L.

07-16-17: From Mike W.: I would love to see all humans, the “Good ones as well as the Bad ones / illuminati / cabal, be healed, all of us, so we enter higher resonance, higher dimension.

06-26-17: I received today this version of the Worldwide Intent Declaration. Hi Nancy, here is my version of the Worldwide Intent Declaration – I may change or add more with the time-having replaced the initially “harmlessness” and “nonviolence” with “gentleness”: I am IN FAVOUR OF peace and harmony in the world. IN FAVOUR OF a clean, healthy, uplifting and divinely beautiful environment. IN FAVOUR OF protecting, caring for and loving Earth’s animals, plants, minerals and all Life, animate and inanimate. IN FAVOUR OF financial and other abundance and health, constant regeneration, constant youth and vitality for all the world’s people and all living beings – all Life. IN FAVOUR OF a space where only love, harmony, harmlessness, gentleness, happy surprises, constructive, uplifting interaction can happen. IN FAVOUR OF a space where the Sacred, openness and purity of heart and intent, trust are celebrated. I am very Thankful for my ability to create anything I choose in my life. I choose Peace, Joy and Love. Crystal Isabelle, Switzerland. Her Pictures:


11-07-16: I intend peace, love, joy and harmony for all beings within, without and throughout our dear beloved mother Terra and beyond, to touch every soul everywhere! We are love, we are light and united as one, as we are, we
are strong, we are a force of which there is no comparison. Love and light triumph over all else, as there is nothing else. Love and light are all that is and all that will ever be forevermore! In Peace, UNCONDITIONAL Love, Joy, Excitement and anxious anticipation. Carmen J

11-07-16: “I Am That I Am. I Am Light. All is light. We are light. Let the light enter into our consciousness and that of all Earth’s beings. So be it. Paul H.

 Mother Terra and all her inhabitants we love you abundantly!! We are all Gods and Goddesses. Barbara J

 I am in favor. I intend abundant blessings, love and light to all for the highest and greatest good. Let me be an instrument of God’s Love. Harry

As we all come together with hearts full of Gratitude, Joy, Peace, and LOVE, we offer our intent for Harmony, Enlightenment and Unconditional Love to ALL, by accepting Lovingly the higher vibrations from The One and by so doing breathing it out to All Beings. Anne



 I stand behind the message AND the reminder of our truths and the most powerful way to bring them to fruition. Much love and gratitude, Nicole

 I support this full heartedly and devote my energy towards the enlightenment of this planet and people. Trenton

I am SO in favor of this process for utilizing the power of the countless Gods and Goddesses of the world, as Father and Mother God tell us repeatedly that WE ARE! The idea of this Decree was no less than BRILLIANT! Carole Cox

Hi Nancy, Wow! What an article. This is exactly what I need right now. I totally connect with this message. I have been busy with many worldwide meditations and this is something along the same lines of intent, but yet very original. I have always put my efforts and voice towards petitions “against” this and that, with real feeling that I wanted to end suffering of any kind to all creatures and beings of the earth. But, today, I realize that I can do More by focusing on a positive affirmation and choose my words more carefully in thought and prayer. Thank you for message. Many Blessings to you. I wish from my heart to the hearts of every living being on our earth unconditional Love, and Health and Abundance, and Joy and Light and Inspiration and Creativity and a big Hug! Patricia Ricaurte

Blessings of Love to all the on our precious planet and beyond. I will send this on as well to friends for the more resonance the less time needed…and so it shall be!
“If instead of a gem, or even a flower, we should cast the gift of a loving thought into the heart of a friend, that would be giving as the angels give.”  Pamela Minton  (Thanks Pamela for the Picture)

01-15-16: To enable people to bring light, health and harmony into their lives. So that we progress on our spiritual pathway in harmony together, and awaken to our oneness. Thomas Beakey

 11-18-15: I believe and desire the well being on Earth. I do believe that we can build a huge wave of positive energy that has the power of creation. With LOVE we can! So thank You for starting this Declaration . I am so grateful all this has changed my inside. Love, Namaste, Sylvia

09-28-15: Eternal LOVE and PEACE for ALL sentient BEINGS NOW , and so be it … AMEN, Christa

Thanks for having something positive. I appreciate it very much! Ellani

09-08-15: We are All Spirit Beings having a Human experience!!! I do my best to treat the Planet with the respect, appreciation and reverence that she so richly deserves! And All the creation that is on it! When you do that, and approach nature and fellow human beings with Love and Respect, you will be amazed with how well connected we are to everything. And as it has been said so many times before “LOVE Is The Key” Peace, Love Joy and Harmony to All!David Gaffney

 09-08-15:  If there’s ANYthing I can do to help spread the Truth or to start something up on this side of the ocean, I’d love to do it for you as my hands are itching to start working on a better world. I do what I can but I’m ready to do so much more and know I’m capable. I’m very coachable and motivational and would love to help out in any way I can! Alessandra La Ray

04-20-15: Thank you for your effort to spread the love and light in the world! Combining energies for the greater good is a responsibility we all have as humans. We are finally waking up to the realities of who we truly are and what we are capable of. Let’s use it for peace, love, and abundance for all. Princess French-Berman

03-29-05: My life is my Message-Ghandi , from Susan Kotraba


03-22-05: Blessings of Love and Light to you and all who are supporting this wise call to manifest Light, Mary Ellen Graham

02-25-15: In love and gratitude for all the family of this universe, Liz Miller

 02-11-15: LOVE this intention and all too true of how so many do focus on what they do NOT want in their petitions. Energetically it is SO different to focus on what we DO want instead 🙂 Carolyn Johnson

02-11-15: I desire the extension of the Good, the Holy and the Beautiful to be my whole purpose.
I will find my deepest peace and happiness when my life is fully given to the extension of the Good.
I will serve the flowering of my own Soul when I live the Holy in Holy Relationships.
What is most alive about me is the Beauty of God’s Extension. Barbara Cooper

01-29-15: I AM Rainbow Sabi from Australia, please add my name to the signature page. I intent world peace, harmony with prosperity and abundance, through out the universes, love to all our brothers and sisters in there many forms. I AM LoVe, that I Am. The video below is one l created and is Dedicated to all Light Beings, Gods and Goddesses Enjoy 🙂 Many blessings. 

01-29-15: Love is the answer, no matter the question! Brady Schmitt, Fairfax, VA, USA

Life isn’t happening to you…..IT IS RESPONDING to your thoughts hence your beliefs… change your thoughts my darlings AND your life will change…How powerful and fun is this!!! Cyndy Moore, Sacramento, Ca

  I AM GOD~Light – I AM Love – I do not intend to Fight
I AM Peace – I AM Joy – I AM Here . . .
And all withIN-withOUT is Right.

Emily-Jamie Leslie

 We live in bliss and oneness with all the beautiful wildlife…Orcas, deer, eagles….our horses. Our many gorgeous trees wave hello and the island breezes hug us….beauty is everywhere you look and everyone is smiling and saying silently ‘I love you’….(just like the song!) Cheri and Barbara Jean Waite, WA, USA

“Hello from the Philippines. Everything is in Divine Order here, although the senses perceive otherwise, we KNOW all is well . And for this, we are thankful.” Florida and William

Mother Earth needs help more than ever, let’s help her in order that she can help us in return for theses are the natural electro-magnetic laws. As she is also a living being like us, we are all inter-dependant. With unconditional universal love we can co-create and change the world for the LIGHT. When we see the world facts; we realize then that it is starving for universal love. In silence we can all work for this better world. Love, Guido Lutz

 As always keep the faith, focus on truth, love, peace, joy, harmony for all; and may the LIGHT of TRUTH shine bright in all of you! Each 1, love 1, teach 1, lead 1! Rodney Martin, GA USA

I am now sending forth peace and harmony into mother earth.
I am sending forth healing for a healthy environment
I am sending forth healing and protection for our animals
I am accepting financial abundance into my life.
I am creating wholeness for every man, woman and child on mother earth.

Kate Magic of Brighton, UK sent me this about what she is doing from her myspace page, I encourage you to go there and assign your name.

“It’s a revolution. It’s the best revolution ever because all you have to do is be happy. The happier you are, the more you are living in your heart. And the more you are living in your heart, the less you are in your head. The less you are in your head, the less you are ruled by your programming and conditioning, and the less control they have over you, their fear and lies do not work. Love is all that is real, love and beauty and truth and everything else is illusion. EVERYTHING ELSE IS ILLUSION. Perpetrated by the dark forces to make us forget how magical miraculous and ecstatic life really is. Ecstasy is our natural state of being. Remember who you are and reclaim your birthright to be an ecstatic bliss being right here and now…”


Climb every mountain, Search high and low,
Follow every byway, Every path you know.

Climb every mountain, Ford every stream
Follow every rainbow, Till you find your dream.

A dream that will need, All the love you can give
Every day of your life, For as long as you live.

Climb every mountain, Ford every stream
Follow every rainbow, Till… you… find… your… dream
Submitted by Caroleen Thompson

AS MARTIN LUTHER KING SAID, “;THERE COMES A TIME WHEN SILENCE IS BETRAYAL” Because there is no way out and we can no longer accept this situation we created in the 3dimensional dying cycle
Submitted by Marc Musschoot, Belgium

Ariella Shira Lewis California, USA signed her name and included this:

“I would also like to add the declaration that I am being guided to chant:
” I’m declaring peace, I’m declaring peace,
Deep within my heart, I’m declaring peace.”
(to some of the the tune of ” I Shall Overcome”, but just these 2 lines. And with the energy of NOW rather than someday.)”

Photographer Judy Smith Brings This Message and One of her Collection of Pictures as an Easter Message, a Message that Peace and Beauty will prevail. 

“I am “seeing” peace, joy, harmony wrapped around every man, woman and child in my meditations as I send out the energies of the LIGHT throughout the world, and covering Gaia in the Golden Shimmering Light.” Elizabeth F. Winstead

After receiving your email yesterday afternoon, I just could not
stop myself from creating this graphic. It almost put itself together. I
can’t draw with a pencil or brush, but I love to do it with the
computer. Marlies Cohen, Dartmouth, NS, Canada, you can click here to see it.

Greetings beloved brothers and sisters,
It is very comforting to know that like minds can come together to declare their “INTENTS” for the highest good of the all in this time of the now. I review your website on a weekly basis. Thank you for all that you do! By the power of my Father Mother God; Solen AUM Solen, I AM that I am, I bless hereby my Mother Earth Gaia, the elemental kingdom, the mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, the animal kingdom and mankind. I bless myself and I bless all life which has been created out of love and by the love of my Father Mother God; Solen AUM Solen, So be it and Selah.

Might I request that some would give love light energies to the Crystal and Indigo Children. I know of a few, whose parents are depending on the medical establishments to drug their children for lack of understanding of our new paradigm. It is my belief that these children are experiencing their selves to be half upon the earth and half upon the heavenly realms so to speak. Your prayers and light energies are humbly appreciated.
Love & Peace, of the one light, Creator Source, “ATON”, Creator GOD of the Nebadon Universe,
Kirt Curran

 I would just like to tell you, that when the war started in Iraq and everyone were saying: “I’m against war”, I personally started so say: “I’m for peace” and put on a white bow on my jacket. A few days later, I all of a sudden realized, that I was supposed to say: “I AM Peace”, which I have done ever since. It made me very conscious of my thoughts from that day on and it keeps you in the “now”.
Lots of LOVE and LIGHT to you and thank you for your splendid work,
Runa Jones, lightworker from Denmark


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