Sophia Love

August 17, 2020
Today’s edition will be a compilation of questions from friends and readers and myself. The answers have been supplied by One in these early morning conversations. They continue now between the hours of 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM, almost every night.
Volume II of Words of One is in production now, and the expected release date is the first part of September 2020. It looks as if there will be a Volume III as well, we’ll know definitely in the coming weeks. As of today what can be said for sure is that the next release will cover from the end of May until at least mid-August of this year.
Please enjoy these questions and answers:
This first one is a portion of a personal conversation regarding the unwanted and uncomfortable infiltration into relationships with some family members as well as friends over political viewpoints. It is a story I’ve heard over and over from friends and readers, as we attempt to interact with each other and inevitably land on the subject of something that has become divisive and a game changer (political preference), causing pain and separation. Names and identifying remarks are omitted, yet the message remains.
August 9th, 2020
“What can you say about how to handle this? About the potential for this to change and for us all to feel, once again, as if we are on the same side? The potential for truth to emerge? These are my questions.”
These are times of growth and change for all persons on the planet earth. There are facts, soon to emerge, that will rock everyone’s world and inform everyone’s opinion regarding who the enemy is and what is most important.
The brainwashing with constant rhetoric about the negative influence of your president doesn’t impact the strength of (people’s) passion and belief in needed change. From this point of view, they have the interests of all of the citizens in their pocket. They are fed reinforcements to this opinion daily.
The unfortunate chasm this has caused can be bridged with effort, love, listening, time and patience. Truths regarding the controllers. Truths regarding your president. (Both) will help somewhat.
The chasm will have to be bridged personally however. Do not expect or rely on media to tell the whole story in a non-slanted way. Too much time will pass before that happens. The gap must be bridged by you and now. Efforts at conversation, honest conversation, need to happen; individually if possible.
The world you are immersed in does not support strong family ties. It does not promote respect or even much acceptance. This force for uniform obedience will not sit well for long, and it will be re-considered. It is important that you reach out individually.
The winds of change are here, Sophia. Facts become known and once they are known, everyone gets an awakening. Yet personal relationships are built on personal contact and conversation. These things must continue.
August 11th, 2020
“What about this disharmony? Will it divide us (permanently)?”
It will not. Your bond is strong and secure and solid. Opinions differ, but not love. What is real remains. Love remains.
“I have more questions. They concern the body and what occurs with the Ascension process.”
Here is what happens. You are completing the Ascension process while physical. You will start and complete the cycle as a human. This is the whole point. To experience this in a body, in your body, one singular body. Much of what you are hearing is speculation. What can be said is this.
You will not leave your body, yet your body is energy, and once the shift completes itself, your body has changed. There is no way for it not to. There are conditions and preferences that direct this change. You might say, that form the end result. There will be a point for each of you that is individually determined.
Not all of you stay. Not all of you end up in the same location. Each journey is individually determined and carries form with it, in a sense.
There is more detail to this that can be explained to your “3D” brain in a way that makes sense (meaning: right now makes sense, and, I suppose, to my personal 3D brain), in a way that is linear. It is not a linear process. What results is a merging and will have to be experienced.
“I’ve been asked a question about whether or not President Trump is working for the light and sanctioned and purposed and protected. Will you answer?”
Donald Trump is more than his current position. His title was chosen by him as the best way to do what he is here to do. The choice was his, as it is with all beings. It is all choice.
Events and players sit in motion flows along timelines that naturally lead to certain outcomes. The presidency fit with his soul’s purpose.
He is a man, and as such bears the trappings and temptations and mistakes of men. He is not divine. He is surrounded by many who are deep within the process of revelation and in many ways he is following a plan he recognized the wisdom in, and value of. He has made some changes and has had some surprises.
The world watches him because the energetic draw is huge. He will not be the only reason that this plan, is this time successful. Yet, he is the “point man” for it, and seen by many as the leader of it. He is not, and to place that burden on a single man is a mistake.
It is the burden of the race. The race must unify to get rid of its controllers. The race must unify.
This is your job. This is why you are here. The division felt inside families and relationships is incited by the controllers.
What happens next is that internal motivation rises to the surface – division is “trumped” by Oneness and unity.
The race does unify. All efforts now point there for success to occur quickly. Success refers to halting the progress of the controllers.
Success is assured. Timing for it is not.
“Is there anything else?”
Only this.
This time is like no other. Do not treat it as if it is, or attempt to make it so.
Feel, adjust, center and move into directions with purpose and promise. You begin now your new world and it starts in your heart.
That is all.
And just one more, a few words from an earlier conversation on that same day…
Trust. All is well, and happening the way it is for a wondrous finale.
The correct team mates are arriving soon for the final inning. They were called to prepare long ago and have been at the ready.
You will be witness, you are witness to a miraculous, gorgeous game. This is one for the record books.
Retain your visions of health, wealth, strength and happiness always. Know that it is always darkest before the dawn.
That is all.
Thank you.


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