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Trump and Q TEAM Turn 5G TOWERS into Tesla 432 HZ Harmony | Charlie Freak on Patreon

Trump and Q TEAM Turn 5G TOWERS into Tesla 432 HZ Harmony

As we shared with you from the very beginning, the Q Team’s goal all along was to Hijack the Cabal’s Secretive Plan (thank you NSA) to unfold their EVIL 5G Wireless Network, behind the scenes, onto the Coronavirus scare…to “give life” where none existed before (see Frankenstein)…had they not done this, we, ALREADY, would have been down for the count…

Trump’s series of Executive Orders (you see, to make this plan work WE THE PEOPLE needed to control the Presidency, which hadn’t occurred since JFK) are what allowed US to both Legally (Maritime Admiralty Law) and Lawfully (God’s Law of the Land) SEIZE this almost Trillion dollar investment of 5G Towers across this precious Earth…this was a Brilliant stroke by Trump and the Q Team, as they allowed the Phoenicians to go Helter Skelter in getting these Towers ready…for us…and for God…

THEY DID THE WORK, WE REAPED THE BENEFITS…when is the last time you have been able to say that??? Answer? Not in your Lifetime…

And over the last 3 months, the Army Corp of Engineers, in ALL countries, have been working diligently to get these towers operational as TESLA TOWERS, which are, essentially, Tesla Coils…which as Tesla said himself, mimic God’s creation of the Human Spine connecting the Human Sacrum, or Generator (see Trump’s fascination for the “Covid” word, Ventilator) thru the Spine (Super Conductive Highway, see Chakras), to the Skull…Golgotha, Calvary…Place of the Skull…the Human Brain…where the “Mother Board” rests and is filled with the Christed Gnosis of God…instructing the ENTIRE SYSTEM to function as ONE UNIT…

And how does this Christed Gnosis transmit its Wisdom Up thru the INTERNAL System of the Tesla Tower and from Tower to Tower to Tower (see Crowns)??? Via an Energetic Frequency…what did Tesla say? To innerstand this world and how it works we must see all things as Energy, Frequencies and Vibrations (or Pulses)…and what is this Frequency that Transmits our Christed Wisdom of Eternal Life from Mother Board to Mother Board??? A Frequency of 432 Hertz…and 4+3+2 = 9…and 9 is God Consciousness…and this is why this CHOSEN Frequency of the Ancients (see the Pyramids) has ALWAYS been known as the God Frequency…Tesla called it this himself…

So, do you see this MIRACLE in Plain Sight of the Holy Trinity giving us Salvation??? And for those of you who get angry with me for challenging your understanding of the Roman Catholic creation of Jesus Christ…this is why I do what I do…to help you to embrace this HIGHER Knowledge of Christ Jesus who exists within each one of us (see Laminin), gifting us Constant Love, Constant Strength and Constant Wisdom…this is why the Christed Jesus died for us…so that he could Eternally enter INSIDE each and every one of us…Showing us THE WAY…and the Way is thru God…432 Hertz…the God Frequency…and it is our Mother Boards inside of our Heads that are receiving this Signal, it is Santa Claus (the Sainted Claustrum) who uses this Frequency to make us Magic Potions that keep us Healthy (see Immune System)…and it is Christ Jesus (see Chrism Oil) that attempts to CROWN his Wisdom upon our Heads 13 times a year (see the Game of Checkers) by Arising (ARIES, A Man Arising) within us with this FREQUENCY…

Envision this…the Tesla Coil is US…the Generator (General Jesus) VENTILATING (Breath of God) this 432 Hertz Frequency UP to Heaven Upon Earth, which is our Higher Mind, the Hearth, where the Mother Board rests, waiting to receive these Sacred Codes from her Husband (see the Sacred Marriage of the Bridegroom), and where does the Mother transmit these newly received signals to? The Third Ventricle of the Brain (see definition of Command Centre), and where does the Mercy Seat exist within us, where God exists??? Just above the Third Ventricle, right next to the Saintly Claustrum (see Santa Claus).

So, Crazy old Donald Trump (that the Baby eating Mainstream Media rag on all day long) with all of his eccentricities and his SPELLING MISTAKES (see COVFEFE) has just orchestrated, in PLAIN SIGHT, the Greatest REVERSE OF EVIL in History…and you “serious Truthers” all roll your eyes, when I tell you of the “Coincidence” that Donald J. Trump just happens to be the 45th US President (4+5 = 9), and Chapter 45 in the Book of Isaiah, just happens to speak of Cyrus, whom God bestowed special powers upon to enable him to REIGN IN THE EVIL and have the Evil ones BOW to his authority, for they could plainly see GOD in his Eyes…

This is what is happening…this is the Truth, and the WHOLE TRUTH, and this is How God works in our Lives…Many are called (11:11) but FEW ARE CHOSEN…and if you have connected yourselves to Q…to POTUS…to JFK Jr…to Colleen and I…then you are indeed the CHOSEN ONES and it is unto US to awaken the Walking Dead with the breath of LIFE…and that my Friends is COVFEFE, or the Breath of God…

So, REJOICE, REJOICE, REJOICE…share this Post far and wide, and Colleen and I will be doing a very important Podcast today tying all of this together for you…what has been happening in the US and Canada??? In New Zeland and Australia??? Cleansing of the Pits of Hell below the ground, and then cleansing of the Air above the Ground thru these new Tesla Towers…have you heard it yet? This Frequency? Can you Feel it??? Because You Can if You TRY!!!

With Love CF and Coll


  1. And over the last 3 months, the Army Corp of Engineers, in ALL countries, have been working diligently to get these towers operational as TESLA TOWERS.

    How about Europe?

  2. How marvelous and enlightening your words and descriptions of the Truth. Blessings that you both are sending your message that all need to know. Keep spreading this joyful reality and many of us are with you, the Light is right in front of us. In gratitude 🙏

  3. I love you Charlie and Colleen so much. I cant wait until you stumble on the Greek Vs Makedonia controversy topic to share with the truth world another earth shattering moment that pieces yet another jigsaw puzzle

    Make Don B2, in Me NU aka as True Makedonia hidden in Plain Site

    BTW Greece was designed in 1832 by Kabal KM King Otto and stole all the Ourstory of the Macedonian People who where Slavik and never Greek Roman Covid magic narrative.

    Makedonia is also tied to Russia and Tartarian and why Alekzander the Macedonian (was replaced with Great by the Kabal KM) was well received by the East when he liberated them from the Persian empire influence

    This knowledge will be another flat earth denial for most until the 3 stages occur before its revealed as true

    All Makedonian truth has been censored and rewritten to suit the Roman Greko narrative propaganda magic that is all things Greek now..Can you see how the marketing of this country has been with DemonKross see (Democracy showing its true meaning and was just a stepping stone to Tyranny by demonising the Kross..


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