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Receiving Deep Rest and Holding our Center

Yesterday I began to feel the edge of the first wave of the “deep rest” the Star Elders spoke about way back in May.  How about YOU?  I don’t feel this rest phase will last very long, not yet anyway.  But for now, we have another little break after a huge energy surge.  Enjoy it while it lasts. Take a nap … you are probably tired from all the inner work.  This is a break. Enjoy it.  Breathe.   More deep rest and peace will come in longer timelines when we get to the point where humanity tires of taking sides.  Duality is deliberately cancelling itself out by exposing the massive extremes in different  perspectives.  Obsolete consciousness and programming is being dissolved.  The polarities have to dissolve because they are distorted and contaminated in every direction and on all sides.  These things do not belong in the new Earth template. They are being flushed to the surface to be cleared away.  But this process can be a bit frightening and unnerving to see it in action. 

Many things will feel uncomfortable for awhile. There will be things that society will temporarily ask of you that will feel very wrong to you, but this is because you are already anchoring in the new earth template.  Be patient.  It will balance out.  Be compassionate and let everyone catch up to the new program.  It is never comfortable to be a half step ahead of everybody else.  Just remember that what is out of balance today, that what is against the new laws of nature, CANNOT come forward into the future.  You can draw some hope and have confidence in this fact.  It may look crazy now, but there is a divine plan in action.  

It is pointless to expect to find truth out there no matter the source, or invest in any opinion that is not totally inclusive.  You must find and live from your inner source and center.  If any current issues trigger you, re-examine the origin of your belief system surrounding it.  We are beyond the time to take sides. It only serves to keep us apart.  It is time to hold truth in our center.  Release the worry of the unknown.  Fear blocks truth.  Let the grief from the past go.  Sadness isolates.  It is time to be in today; not yesterday.  Tomorrow is a huge mystery, and we will jump through the portal with a new wild freedom, and we will do it together. 

All of creation is being cleared to create a new vessel for the new Earth template.  Let the old fall away.  It is going to anyway.  And, as the Star Elders say regularly … “Surf in the center … dance in the eye of the storm.”  When we find and live from this new balance, within all that is finally becoming conscious and cleared, we help, support and create a path for all to follow.   You are the system busters. You are the new visionaries, the bridge builders, and the way-showers. 

Aluna Joy Yaxkin with an assist from the Star Elders. 

This was the full message The Star Elders shared way back in May … about what is coming and what stages we will experience.

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4 May · 

Many years ago, the Star Elders said that when the shift of the ages arrived it would come as a huge surprise. Well… we could not have seen this time coming. With the element of surprise, we cannot prepare nor can we armor against it. Any unexpected event has a greater capacity to shift the mass consciousness of humanity than something that could be prepared for.
This is what they share today… much of this came a piece at at time, or one line at a time. Then before posting this … I ran it all by them again for fine tuning. This is how they wanted it read the best way we could within the limitation of the English language.
This unexpected time is the dawning.
This is the beginning of a great dismantling.
Obsolete consciousness is being dissolved.
Duality is deliberately cancelling itself out.
All of creation is being cleared to create a new vessel.
The new world template is now being envisioned in spirit.
This is a cosmic transfiguration process.
All will experience this time in various stages.
First denial, shock, fear, depression, confusion, numbness, anger, and righteous rebellion.
Then all will move into deep rest, and the birth of new coherence.
No life form can be placed under extreme levels of continuous, compressed evolution without cracking open and awakening to the new, unexpected reality.
No life form can be placed under the sustained alchemical heat of deep unknowing without cracking open to awaken to a new truth and evolved laws of nature.
This is a collective dark night of the soul for human kind.
There will be no immunity or inoculation or way to avoid this.
Expect nothing to feel solid, and nothing will feel stable under foot.
The only constant will be centered in your internal orientation point.
This will guide you to safely navigate this dissolving paradigm.
All will be placed in a great cleansing void.
You will not know where truth is during this metamorphosis.
All the sides that are dissolving are distorted or contaminated.
Most will question everything and understand very little.
Many will see from many perspectives yet still feel blind.
Most will question if they will lose everything they know.
You will think there is no end to the world confusion and the madness.
But all these things will end, and will begin anew.
This is a space where everything will change.
What will the next cycle of your embodiment BE?
What will you accept in this new world?
What will you reject and disallow in your future?
This is a great awakening … and it is finally here.
… and YOU are the master of your reality.
What will you empower to manifest?


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