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Who is the Ascended Self?

Did you catch Saturday’s free webinar on Who is the Ascended Self? Due to the high number of participants we exceeded capacity for the live class. But no worries – we’ve got you covered! The entire webinar was recorded, and the replay is now accessible from the COL Community site.

If, within all the tumult, chaos and conflicting narratives running rampant these days, you’ve found yourself becoming a bit distracted from what Ascension’s really all about; if you’ve become confused and unfocused, wondering what’s real; if you’ve forgotten where we’re going or how to get there – this webinar is a must-see!

In addition to a channeled message from the Divine Mother with a powerful energetic attunement embedded within, this chock-full 90-minute gift from yours truly and the COL explores the 4 essential Elements of Ascension – all integral to our rebirth, while in form, into the Ascended Self:

  • What Ascension actually is and what it really means to “Live in Love”
  • Multi & Inter-dimensional Reality within the Infinite Ocean of Time
  • The expanded self – the New You – finally free of Core Issues, embodying the Divine Qualities, Inspiration, Divine Authority and Personal Sovereignty
  • The Creation Codes and Universal Law – the operating manual to co-create and thrive upon Nova Earth

And we delve into a Q&A covering many of your burning questions to practical “hacks” for living – and yes, even thriving – in these Ascension times, we packed as much into this free class as possible. We even discussed time-frames – atypical for the Council – that leave little room for any further distraction or foot-dragging!

In the Ascended Self MasterClass, all of these topics and many more will not only be explored in depth, but laid out in a profoundly enriching, life-altering step-by-step roadmap guiding you straight into the heart of your Ascended Self. And as the Council has made clear, the time is NOW!

We are being called forward into our ascended selves right here, right now. We’re moving from conceptual ideas and intellectual knowledge into a deep and practical immersion – one which leads to the full integration and inspiration of us as heart-centered beings, ascended angels in form, on planet. The practical application of the 4 Elements of Ascension becomes a seamless part of our everyday, moving and operating through us in our lives as Nova Gaians – implementers of Nova Earth. This is our Ascended Self in action.

So how do we make this transition from the conceptual to the practical? How do we immerse ourselves in such a way that we realize, claim and live from that fully integrated, inspired space of ascended consciousness? The path is laid out for us, clearly, beautifully, expansively and practically, in the ASMC.

Last week Yeshua began referring to us as the A-Team: Awake, Aware, Ascended Angels in Action. And my friends, make no mistake – if you are reading this, you are a part of the angelic A-Team. And you are ready. Everything up to now has prepared you for this moment. You’re being beckoned from across the eons of time/space/dimension to answer your heart’s call. Can you hear it? Do you feel it?

We’re holding out our hands, the Council and I – along with your soul family – inviting you into the realization and magnificence of your soul design, into the joyous fulfillment of your unique role within our Mother’s Plan, of your most cherished dream within the Divine Dream.

You are ready, and so are we. Come, sweet angel. Join us.


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