Change is Here!


Tonight’s channel took place at an amazing time in our lives!! In a very unprecedented way, society is encouraged to stay home in social distancing due to the Covid 19 pandemic. To say that change is here is an understatement! We have all worked towards ascension for many, many years.  The higher vibrations have been available for all who have studied, meditated and sought that place of awareness.  Now, everything has shifted.  The earth and all of the collective consciousness is ascending!! This is so exciting to me. 

With this isolation that people are experiencing, most are changing their lives.  It may be temporary or it may be permanent.  Businesses are changing because of people staying home.  Some may have more work from home when this is done.  With people staying home, they are slowing down and this leads to a natural instinct to look inside. It may not be conscious, but this all goes hand in hand. The ascension of the earth that has been coming for thousands of years is here, it’s now, it’s completing the final process.

When this is done it is the beginning of the release of the 3rd dimension. when people live predominantly in the 5th dimension, they release the energies associated wit the 3rd. So too, people now have access to the 6th and 7th dimension. The energy that is associated with this is love, balance, and the crystalline vibration. I encourage you to become clear with your own life and intentions, to become in your relationship with yourself and then others.

Vibrate LOVE!



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