Preserve & Protect your energy


Preserve & Protect your energy


We are heading towards a full moon on the 7th
The energy is heavy and dense
Pulling at us
What is it asking of us?
To make sure we know who we are and where we’re heading,
To make sure we understand, that more than anything we are being asked to finally live our TRUTH and let Absolutely No one and Nothing distract us or stand in our way
Because we are here for a higher purpose and our Truth represents our Higher mission which is so very much needed to be implemented at this time,for ourselves and for the world.
All the shake up and challenges we have been going through recently are to clean up our lives to put us back on our right path.
All that does not Align needs to go.
We are gradually detaching from our past,from our old story.
Bits and pieces come up now and again for review
The good and the bad
All of it with all the different experiences
To see if we now understand what it all gave us and what we have learned from it all.
Many people from our past who represent old unevolving energy are drifting out of our lives so that we can now focus on a more aligned version of ourselves.
These days some of those people may suddenly show up for you offering a revisit of your past to see if you are clear about releasing this old energy and to see if you know where you stand with your energy and the higher vision of yourself.
There must be no doubt in your mind at this time.
Dont let anything or anyone hold you back
You’ve come far
You’ve worked hard
You’ve learned so much
To who you truly are
Your value, your purpose
And you are determined to move forward
In full higher purpose and intention
This is your final call to part with all that has blocked your path.
These days take good care of yourself, your well being, your health and your energy.
Dont let anything distract you,trigger you or pull you out of your higher zone.
Do absolutely everything you feel you need to protect and preserve your energy.
Rest if you need, stay focused
Hold your vision
And keep raising your vibration
You’reon a mission
And nothing can stop you
Much love

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