5th Dimensional Transformation


There is so much that I want to say right now! It seems as if the energies are constantly flowing in and around me.  I have been doing a great deal of work with the Universal Light Beings also and I find myself having to take time to ground.  

What am I doing during this time?  Making decisions, trying new options, working on the new website, reading, and watching videos about all the disclosures taking place! Man, it can suck you in, and before you know it hours have gone by.  

I have been aware of change taking place on a global and universal level for more than 25 years. Some of this was very vague and other times it was very specific.  I have wanted for at least 10 years to be in the 5th dimension with everyone else coming along.  That is what is happening now. I believe there is a great deal more going on than what is being told to all. I think it will all come out, however, when and how much I don’t know. 

I never focused on evil or negativity.  I believe we create our reality and just that wasn’t my reality.  I knew that much of this existed, but I didn’t give it any energy or attention.  During this time I have come to realize I needed to do more than the unconscious support.  There were some residual very low vibrational ET’s who have been controlling much of the planet through fear and they have been behind the Cabal.  These ET’s are cannibals and teach others through Satanism. Yes, that is real and it’s horrific. 

I wanted to mention that only because this is what is clearing out at this time.  The ET’s have been removed by other very high vibrational ET’s including the Great White Brotherhood, Albayon and those who are trained to do so.  When I reach into the earth seeking, my sense is they are gone.  Now the Cabal and all the other nasty humans are being rounded up and incarcerated. I believe many will choose death rather than face what is coming.  This is much of what has occurred during the time people stayed at home. I believe everything has happened exactly as it did for just this reason. 

Living in the new energy.  There are going to be changes in our lives that we can only imagine. I remind you that in the 5th dimension and higher the foundation is love and love is nowhere near the vibration of fear, manipulation, abuse, or other 3rd dimensional reactions. Since this is true, all of these changes will come in with compassion, love, and gentleness.  For many that may seem a dream, however, this is what I feel and see as I look ahead. 

A few things that I have seen over and over again in my reading.

1) Do your own research and decide what is true for you.  This is perfect, isn’t it?  So much of society has been told what to believe, what is real, what actions to take and now over and over people are told; make your own opinion, don’t just believe what you are told.

2) Fake news. I know, I know there are many people on both sides of this coin.  However, my perception is that much of the mainstream media is what is given to society from those in control.  You were taught to trust the newsmakers, they are supposed to give objective viewpoints, right?  That has not been the case for a very long time.  I would say to you, remember that this is a gentle transition and things are harsh or pulling you down; check it out, is it real? 

3) The WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (in the US Center for Disease Control).  I have straddled mainstream medical and metaphysics for 20+ years.  I believe both are a part of everyone’s health and that is the blessing of this time.  You have options.  People have talked about vaccines causing autism, ADHD, and many other problems and I didn’t really know.  The information that has come to me now is appalling and again I say; do your homework!  

Have you heard of the movement Where We Go 1, We Go All?  It’s listed as #WWG1WGA  This represents many of the people who are in this higher vibration and who are supporting this transformation.  When I first heard it I thought ‘Oh my!  Nama Sika, Venia Benya’, which as you know means I AM the One, I AM the Whole.  So the Goddess has tapped into this vibration since 2003, which in turn confirms it is all aligning up and it all resonates with me. 

No matter where you are on your personal journey. No matter where your family and friends are on their journey; the time has come! It is here now and this ascension is guaranteed!  Woohoo! 

There is only love~~~~


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