Man holds galaxy between his hands

Posted on April 8, 2020 by Eileen Meyer in Articles, Messages, Navigating Now, Sound of Gold Files
Something shifted in mid-March, 2020, the weekend of the 14th and 15th. I also experienced this very distinct feeling on September 11th, 2001. During these brief windows in time, the grip of evil was gone.

Man holds galaxy between his hands

While this sensing may seem counterintuitive, I was shown that these were openings, powerfully-present moments, whereby a completely neutral energetic space occurred. We all inhaled together, united in one breath of pure 100% potentiality. I have also come to understand that in order for those that we refer to as “dark forces” to collectively redirect human consciousness, a major interruption in the program must occur. And this is the point where we actually have a choice in what we imagine (image-in) for our own future trajectory. I was shown that these dark forces are quite aware of this, and that’s why the new psyops/mind-control programs are very quickly put into place following these events. Where there is human-generated fear, there is a continued payment to those who engage in these practices. Where there is Love, you are “in the know” and untouchable by these games. In fact, by activating our inner “eyes that see” and working in the imaginal realm, we can not only redirect our evolutionary trajectory, but we can also help others do the same – by demonstrating it.

The dramatic backstories are irrelevant in these events. The details, the characters, the whodunnit fascination only diverts our attention away from the opportunity. The point is, what will you do with this pure potential? Will you give the power of your attention and imagination to 5G towers frying your insides? Or secret rescues of the victims of child trafficking? I could go on and on. And I’m not saying there isn’t at least SOME truth embedded in these narratives, because in order for these mind games to fully engage our attention, there must be a thread of true-appearing things within the equation. So the real tragedy is, we are giving it our precious attention – that very same attention that could be raising our vibratory frequency and unlocking evolutionary codes. No one can do this for you.

Those who benefit from this sleeping population of humanity quite enjoy the immediate response into the unconscious, reactionary fear. It’s food for them. And it’s not just the clearly “evil” characters who are on the scene. Those who benefit from our fear come in the guise of both good and bad – the bad guys that perpetuate our victimhood, and the good-guy saviors that come along and claim to hold the hidden secrets that you will need. You already own the pathway to transcend this. It’s built into your design. And all we need do is claim it. However, the fear of the Light is so great, that the ego will continue to agree to the redirect of attention – at all cost.

“…if you are looping in consciousness, and only in the intellect in this closed universe model – where you get your information, and where you make your decisions – understand that this has all been a distraction from ultimately stepping into this present moment place. …It really is not complicated. We are providing pictures for you (3rd-eye view), this vertical as well as horizontal full-circle, 360-degree access to the Field. The clutter that has stood in the way will be dissolving, and it will dissolve on all levels – from your own individual consciousness, your own relationship to your heart, to your family, your friends, your cities, your states, your regions, countries. It is transforming…
Sound of Gold Files: 21ATG.112612

I was shown last month that this energetic window would be accessible to all for a few months. As I shared both then and now in the messages I decode/translate, these are our global near-death experiences (NDEs). Indeed, many humans do leave their physical bodies through these portal openings. I learned from these dialogues over the years with angels-guides-Source, that souls who participate in mass-departure events help to break the hypnotic spell of human consciousness. And just like the “contact-with-More” events that thousands of experiencers report, it has the potential to restore our deeper sight while remaining in form. What will it take for humanity to recognize these transcendent opportunities and seize the moment to expand?

HunabKuMayan symbol, Hunab Ku, from darkness to Light. Symbolizes the eternal battle between ignorance and consciousness, and to understand the 2012 field-reversal, whereby the human spirit can emerge from unconscious patterns and rise into wholeness once again.
In these larger-cycle crossroads, when the prison bars fly open, much of the population is unable to perceive this opening; an invitation through the grand portal that leads straight to the Center of the Universe and straight to the Center of you. In the Divine order of things, these center points are one and the same. Yet if one experiences the Greater Context of Light and chooses to ignore what is offered by seeking out a translation from the false reality, one will have “missed the mark.” One will have relinquished their spiritual sovereignty once again. Evil has no power over us unless we agree to it. In the absence of Light, and the sensory feeling and absolute “knowing of the Truth,” most people will agree to the alternative stories given to the ego, and then call it the truth. But this pattern needn’t be repeated.

If one cannot feel or know what Divine Love is in these times, you can count on receiving a few reality-show options from the false construct. They are only too happy to provide these wandering stories and narratives to you because of course, they know that it will soothe your ego and keep your attention away from your opportunity to reclaim your Divine Heritage. Actually, it’s their only game to keep you serving them: tricking you into believing that the “unknown” is filled with scary demons, and you are worthless, unsafe, and lost without their direction. Ironically, the Unknown is where you may fully remember who you are.

In these times, if the individual ego is still in its authoritarian mindset, refusing to relinquish its perceived control over the smaller-spectrum domain, it will create or seek out the stories and narratives that soothe or defend the unconscious fragments of the wounded self within. Why? Because it is more afraid of this direct, incoming Light than the cramped familiar boxes humanity has collectively adapted to. And those who continue to bow down to the false god, the ego-authority within, shall co-create the appearance of an authoritarian rule in their outer world. That is, until a future crossroads in these galactic cycles in time, whereby one might be offered this window-of-opportunity again.

I’ve been shown repeatedly that those who remember, restore, practice, and resonate with Love, will experience what the Christians like to call the second coming. However, this is simply the rejoining of aspects of Self that complete our original design or our natural state. This is the marriage of the Divine Feminine Mother within and the Divine Masculine Father that will occur if one is actually present in Love. The Maya refer to this as the bridge between the Heart of Heaven and the Heart of Earth. If one is practicing in the Presence of Love, this epic birth will take place within human consciousness and shift into a new cycle that is representative of the embodied sovereign soul, living in Home and harmony with Divine Law and Love. This is who we are.

“…Choose your reality. Choose Love or fear, and know what that means. Love is expansion. Love is infinite potential. Love is trust. Love is Presence. Love is Power – True Power. Fear is contraction, and the choice to avoid the Truth in a variety of ways… creative distractions that are easily given to you if you do not take the reigns yourself and meet your Maker within. It’s time to reset, to reorient, and redesign your lives from this foundation of wholeness. This is the choosing time… Step into the stream of Love and you will know the Truth that sets you free. And you will no longer require this voice or any other, for you will have your own.” Sound of Gold Files: Surrender.070918

“So to fully know the truth, to access that from within your being as you were designed, and as your great spiritual teachers taught you through great sacrifice, you must consciously choose to receive it, to BE it. This is your proverbial second coming. Surprise!” Sound of Gold Files: AreYouPrepared.010520

“This is the manger now… your own consciousness is the manger, the birthplace for your own Self, the Light that you are, the Christ that you are. So even with all of the stories, all of the words that have been uttered around this second coming or the return of Jesus, the return of the master, the time of worship is over. And the time of rising in your consciousness and in your frequency to meet your own manger within is what is occurring now. Do you rise to meet that which you intended?” Sound of Gold Files: NewCycleofLight.092318

IMG_5325Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.


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