This Time of Great Change – The Council


This Time of Great Change – The Council

We speak to you now in this time of great change, great stress, and for you, great uncertainty. These changes have been a major subject of our messages for several years. You had, in fact, grown impatient and weary of the topic. The stress is caused both by your inability to see an outcome, and by the rhetoric you subject yourselves to daily.

Ask yourself if it really necessary for you to listen to hours of gloom and doom from your televisions. Ask yourself how often what used to be news is now used to spread opinion and conjecture. We would have you use your time to better advantage if we could. We will ask you to watch closely what happens in the next few weeks. See for yourselves how well events parallel what you have been told. See how many have to wipe egg off their faces.

We see the uncertainty of the future, not as something fearful, but as something that can be viewed as an advantage. How could that possibly be? It could be because it is enabling the great changes that you have desired for so long.

When you have looked at your futures, you have invariably projected into them your desires for what you see as the better. However, if you think carefully, you will come to understand that everything you are projecting is based on the best of the past. You cannot see the future in your present states of consciousness, and therefore your view of the future is necessarily built upon the past.

This current uncertainty, although bewildering, will allow the things that are approaching to be built upon the possible, possibilities that you cannot conceive of as you do not, as yet, have the information to build an image of them with your current awareness. The higher you that we have spoken of so many times in the past has much in store for you that will be uplifting and joyful. But before that can happen, the things that cannot exist in those higher vibrations must exit your world.

Now we do not say this to frighten you. As we have said recently, if you keep your minds on the positives in the evolution of your world that are happening, your experience of what is going on around you, although the events will be the same, will be much more peaceful and hope filled. In fact, overall the changes will soon become far more positive than negative. Low energy must leave, and is leaving, your world. A world that you will find unbelievably filled with wonder will begin now to replace it. Your grandparents experienced a century that went from horse and buggy to satellites, from telegraph to Wi-Fi. The changes you will experience in the next decade will eclipse that. Keep your minds on that, if you will.

There is also a great increase in mass meditation and prayer. This is possible due to the internet that you have built. This is magnificent and we heartily approve. You can perhaps imagine the far-reaching effects of this development, but we can actually see the changes in your light. Make this a priority if you can. You will cause benefit and you will experience benefit, as well. Use your television watching time to better advantage.

You can turn away from upsetting images. You do not have to subject yourself to what disturbs you. The need for that has been programmed, just as your need for products, just as your acceptance of what has been attempted in your societies. Your higher selves have declared “Enough!” And your new world will now emerge.
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