The Tree of the Golden Light New Inspiration: 01-01-20


As we begin the new world in the new energy of the essence of tranquility and forgiveness for all that has taken place to give this world a degree of fear, sorrow and hostility, we shall find that all there is in our daily lives, moment to moment, is the essence of Love, Peace and Joy in the knowledge that it is the way we shall be creating our lives in the moment and forever on this earth and beyond. This is the magical essence that we will realize is beyond magic, and is the way we will be living in every moment of bliss that we realize is our creation. Love is all there is!

Inspiration for the Day, brought to you by Spirit through Nancy Tate, January 01, 2020

NEW! 01-01-20: 4 More, Worldwide Intent Declaration in ‘Hands of Light’ So far, 2757 Signatures, on New Page 5
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