Dear Rainbow Scribe Family,

“ I hope there are days when your coffee tastes like magic
Your playlist makes you dance,
Strangers make you smile,
And the starry night sky touches your soul.
I hope you fall in love with being alive again!”

~Source unknown

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­I am issuing an invitation to my Rainbow Scribe Family to consider seriously taking part in the following worldwide meditation: One benefit I received from the first ones is the ability to hear the Earth’s crystalline grids ‘humming’ during high energy days such as before and after a full moon.

Please click here to read about this event.

My friend Isabelle who is a long time (20+ years) Master pendulum dowser who lives in Vancouver, B.C. has been communicating with the “Fire the Grid Angels” since we were both Team Leaders for the first series of Fire the Grid worldwide meditations. Now they identify themselves to her as “the Golden Ones” and before the announcement for the next series of worldwide meditations – they had already contacted her to begin informing ‘her network’ in regards to the Fire the Grid meditation dates for the next three years before this poster was published on Facebook.

She no longer has a computer due to her electro-sensitivity (WiFi gives her radiation sickness) so her only network to date is her Time Traveler friends that she works with multi-dimensionally and on other timelines. She will inform them, she said! When I talk on the phone with her, it must be a landline (I don’t have a cell phone so that is no problem) and I must turn off my computer…but she is worth it! I learn a lot through her…for instance, it was interesting to me that 2 years ago, she was informed about her Twin Flame around the same time as I was, unbeknownst to each other…so far, both of us communicate through what she calls T-mail (telepathically) with them but not in Earth real time reality. She and her Twin work together on the etheric realms and on other planetary systems saving souls that need saving, etc. I do stuff with my Twin too but get only an inkling of what it is we do when I awaken from sleep. It is important stuff too so I will not talk about it here. He is so fun…I just adore him! In Earth reality, we do not personally communicate with each other because I believe he does not know me…it is on other dimensional levels. Hard to explain…

Back to Isabelle…I love how I must stretch and expand my mind just talking to her (mostly, I listen because she talks a lot, LOL!)


There has been another exciting addition to the incredible series of videos of Starseed Transmissions from different Star Races. This one is from the Timmers. I find them fascinating! Click below to find it at this link:


HAPPY NEW YEAR! May wonder and magic be a part of your each and every day, dear Family! You are so very loved and appreciated!
With love and gratitude,



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