Sound of Gold Files from 2017. Transcribed from a verbal transmission

Sound of Gold Files from 2017. Transcribed from a verbal transmission:
“You are in the beginning stages at this crossroads in time, but understand that time itself is changing so that you may have an experience of one day feeling that this will never occur… this awakening… this opening into more for the collective. And then in the next moment, you may be seeing it happen without the mind’s need for a [linear] plan and a path over time. You may simply pop into that reality and witness it. Now, how does this occur? The stronger that you are in embodying your true nature, your whole nature… the stronger that you are, and the more balanced and anchored you feel with the planet, the more you will experience this popping in and popping out into different timelines and realities. These realities always exist side by side or within the sphere. It is simply that you are opening to more. You are opening to a larger, more expansive view of what reality is.
There are many choices in how you live, and what your reality looks like. And as you know, it is all vibration. Your reality will precisely mirror what you are, or are not, embodying. So the outer world will be confusing for most at this time. As we stated earlier, the [old] anchors are dissolving – the ones that you attached yourselves to because you were told that this was how life goes. And now because more and more humans are discovering that that is not wholly true, and they are embodying more of their vibrational essence, it is changing the fabric of this reality.
There is some more support from more expanded vibrational levels of consciousness, but it is only because YOU broke through. There is no coming to save you from yourselves. You are doing all of this. Other levels of your consciousness arrive in ways such as this, that is being demonstrated now, to support and guide, but YOU opened the portal. You opened the doorway through your choices to trust this Love that you feel in your hearts and your bodies. Now, whether you are able to translate it and to share with others, what is possible for them, that is up to your own levels of courage; your own levels of trust, your own willingness to explore beyond what you’ve been told. Do you see?
So, while it is all up to you as to how this goes, we naturally join forces with you when you match… when we meet in resonant frequency, it grows exponentially, the power of this, the power of Love. For truly, what is being reintroduced into humanity at this timing is the missing piece of Love. Now you may call this the Divine Feminine. You may call this God. You may call this anything you wish in language, but the more that you can back off of needing word definitions for feelings, the more rapidly you will expand and grow. For as soon as you define it, as soon as you capture it to put it into a little box that the unawakened prefers – tiny little boxes to explain Spirit, to explain Love – as soon as you do this, you are enabling humanity to stay where they are.” Sound of Gold Files: [Excerpt from] Anchoring102917  


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