Archangel Gabriel Daily Message – Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 18, 2019

By Trinity Esoterics on Sep 18, 2019 12:35 pm

There is, for many, a generalized distrust of feeling good. You have been taught that feeling good is selfish or frivolous. That it is not realistic. That it is sure to lead to trouble.

Then many of you finally started to live your lives by embracing feeling good only to be told that is spiritual bypassing. That it is irresponsible and avoidant.

Dear Ones, we urge you to stop making feeling good a bad thing! Feeling good is a sign of alignment. It is the space your soul is always looking to reset to. To resist it is to resist yourself and your natural state of being. How on earth can you experience joy if you are perpetually denying or distrusting the first step which is feeling good?

Of course, it is imperative that you attend to anything within you that is looking to be loved, released, or healed. But we invite you to settle into the knowingness that the surrender, faith, flow, trust model is incredibly intelligent and will bring things into your awareness in the perfect timing for them to be addressed. You can lovingly and responsibly attend to whatever that may be, and then reset back into your natural state of feeling good.

For each healing you become even more aligned with your wholeness and will feel lighter and more in touch with your true divine essence, which expands how good you can feel! To deny or distrust feeling good it is to deny and distrust the natural outcome and purpose of your healing work.

Feeling good comes from being in a state of acceptance, both for yourself and what is presenting in your life. It comes from gratitude, freedom, and flow. It is a sign of presence, embracing your beingness, and shining your light. It is allowing your divine spark to lead the way as the empowered creator of your life expression. You are wise and diligent and responsible. It is safe for you to embrace feeling good. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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