Our New World Technology


Saturday, September 7, 2019

Our New World Technology

The World is fast approaching the beginning of a New Reality for humanity.  We begin to initiate Our Society of Light from September 7, 2019 through February 17, 2020.  

Through trial and error – rather than intentional steps – humanity has been in the process of developing evolutionary stages towards Our Society of Light.  We have evolved our concepts of what it means to live in the World.  We began by expanding our attention from small groups and villages and local geographic regions and cultures with people living nearby to knowing and understanding that many different peoples live all over Mother Earth’s entire surface and that many ideas and customs are not like our own.  

Humanity’s learning has often been slow and painful.  This truth is most apparent when it comes to recognizing that Love is the essence of everything that we naturally and authentically think, say, and do – when we are operating at our Soul’s level.  We are at peace.  Choosing to express Peace and Love, we are raised to the Soul’s level of consciousness.  In that alignment, the superficial small self/ego level of consciousness softens and quiets. 

Here we are now, Dear Ones, with much of humanity still thinking, speaking, and doing things from an emotional and sentient level of the mind.  The five senses are unable to understand the changes happening on Mother Earth and within Her Solar System. There is much fear in the Collective.  

Humanity is being granted an opportunity to function as a mature human race living on and with Mother Earth – in Unity and Peace and Love and serving to preserve our common home.

Ponder the maybes, what ifs, and probabilities.  How about a world where there can be more to life than merely participating within the remnants of broken systems, past trauma, and outdated ideas of what reality can be and is. Humanity’s past continues to influence our ways of believing and thinking and being and doing what is “right” and socially acceptable. 

Humanity loves its technology and the freedoms provided through access to information and communications and mobility of movements, etc., etc. and more.  Newly awakening people want to know what’s going on with them and with the world these days.  They study and read a great deal.  In fact, in our pursuit of truth and knowledge, we can become addicted to learning.  There is, indeed, much to learn.  Nevertheless, we know enough. The time for study is over.  The time for using outside technology for our answers is complete.  The Way of you, the Soul, is a new territory to explore.  It is time to go within and to learn about and to experience and to expand our  ‘technology’ within.

Make a daily time and space of intentional Peace, stillness, and tranquility.  The Souls of humanity need to recharge and realign within this world’s transformation.  Our Society of Light will require few distractions and interferences from the present moment.   Focus on Oneness is required for the task at hand!  

Our Society of Light marks a return to the Soul’s level of manifestation and co-creation.  Change is happening at warp speed.  Are we ready?  

Are we willing to see anything and everything in a new and higher way?  Can we give ourselves permission to Know and to choose anything and everything in a higher way?  Are we willing to allow change in all its higher ways and forms to become established for the Unified World of humanity?  

These will be the enduring questions of our transitional experience.  We know that humanity’s change will not be overnight.  We are encouraged and guided to take “baby steps”.  Nature doesn’t stop.  Neither can humanity.  Many will choose not to evolve in the midst of recovering the full capacity of their Soul’s work.  Many will try!  Many will succeed!

When mankind’s individual goals become common goals, everything is possible – not a maybe, what if, or probability!  Humanity’s world is now entering into a New Direction! 

Tune in, turn on, and drop out of the matrix of the old paradigm through the natural loving vibration of your Soul!

Peace and blessings in Love and Oneness.  Namaste. 

Received and written, edited and shared, in co-creation – Alexandar Kosmos & Brenda Garcia.



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