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July 29 to August 4, 2019
by Pam Younghans
AS JULY becomes August, we sense a shift occurring. Jupiter and Uranus are both moving very slowly through our skies now, as we get closer to the date when they each change direction. Jupiter has been retrograde (appearing to move backward) since April 10, and will be resuming forward motion on August 11. On that very same day, about 12 hours later, Uranus begins its five-month retrograde phase.

Why should this matter to us?

WHEN A PLANET prepares to change direction, to either go backward or forward, it must first come to a standstill. In astrology, this is called their “station.” In the week or two before the day of their station, the planet moves more and more slowly. This increases its influence on our experience.

I like to use the analogy of an old-fashioned train station to illustrate this effect. Imagine that you’re standing on the platform, and hear a train in the distance. As the train gets closer, you begin to feel its vibration under your feet, and the sound gets louder. By the time the train is in the station and has stopped right in front of you, the vibration is intense and the sound of the engines fills your ears. Once the engineer puts the train in reverse, it slowly pulls away from the station, and the vibration and sound gradually recede.

The stationary effect of a planet can be felt a week or two before and after its day of station. With both Jupiter and Uranus stationing on August 11, their effects are beginning to build in our awareness–we are standing on the platform, with two trains coming in.

TAKEN AS INDIVIDUALS, these two planets each have their own signature effects. Jupiter, as the largest known planet in our solar system, magnifies whatever it touches. Essentially, we might see Jupiter as our cosmic cheerleader, encouraging us to take risks, to expand, to explore. Jupiter’s tagline might be “Go Big or Go Home.” When Jupiter’s influence is strong, we can feel more optimistic, whether or not it’s realistic to feel that way.

Uranus is our electromagnetically “weird” planet, with its spin axis tilted by an amazing 98 degrees, and its magnetic field tilted by another 60 degrees. Unique Uranus is the great liberator and initiator of change–especially the type of change that will help us live more authentic lives. When we work with Uranus, we work with the unknown, the unexpected, the unpredictable. Uranus also inspires revolutions and rebellions–so we might find ourselves singing, “Don’t tell me not to fly, I’ve simply got to–If someone takes a spill, it’s me and not you!”

(And now Barbara Streisand’s voice is going to be running through my head for the rest of the day … )

WITH BOTH of these planets at highest energetic impact for the next three to four weeks, what can we expect? New experiences, certainly. More risk-taking. Outlandish exaggerations. Greater flashes of insight. Breakthroughs and breakdowns that propel us into the future at a very fast pace. The sense that things are somehow different and unfamiliar, but with an underlying sense of hopefulness.

Physically, magnetic fields will be affected–those around our bodies, and the one around the Earth. Electronics may be unreliable. For those who use healing techniques that use electromagnetic energies, it will be interesting to watch what happens. Are the methods more effective? Are they harder to control? Do they seem to have a consciousness of their own, beyond how we direct them?

Also, with Uranus in the sign Taurus, which rules Mother Nature and the environment, we could potentially see more earth changes over the next few weeks–events such as the recent eruptions of Mount Etna and Stromboli in Sicily and Sakurajima in Japan.

AMONG THE OTHER planetary energies in play this week, the one that stands out the most to me is the ongoing square between Mercury and Eris. The aspect is exact on Monday, then Mercury stations direct on Wednesday, and the square perfects again on Saturday. In essence, the two planets are in square aspect throughout the week.

Mercury is the Messenger Planet, in charge of communications and all verbal or written exchanges. Dwarf planet Eris, named for the embittered goddess of Discord, approaches most situations with a chip on her shoulder. The ongoing square between these two amplifies any wars of words that may be currently underway. Those who feel disrespected and disregarded–especially women–are angry and ready to do combat.

Is there solution to this tension? Perhaps, if we draw upon the higher vibrational qualities of both planets.

Mercury is now in Cancer, so under stress is likely to respond in a very crab-like fashion–either withdrawing to hide under a rock or bringing out the claws to attack. If we feel under pressure this week, we will do well to remember that a crab can also sidle–walk sideways. This response is one that allows us to step away, out of the line of fire, to calm our nerves and get a new perspective. This is different than withdrawing, because once our pulse returns to normal and we have a more objective view, we can return to the situation and address the problem with greater courage and self-confidence, without having to default to being defensive.

And what are the higher qualities of Eris in Aries? This planet embodies courage, assertiveness, and self-will, and in forthright Aries, all those traits are fortified. And yet, those positive qualities can go awry if they are not balanced by an awareness of others, if all we can see is our own needs, our own desires. The highest expression of Aries is enlightened self-interest, which means we have the willpower, courage, and assertiveness to blaze new trails, but that we do not become so willful, headstrong, and selfish that others suffer for our actions.

ALSO THIS WEEK, both the Sun and Venus form confrontational square aspects with Uranus. As we know, Uranus’ influence is heightened now, so these aspects may bring about even more disruption than usual.

The Sun-Uranus square occurs on Monday, the same day as the Mercury-Eris square. Together, these two squares up the ante on combativeness, and make it very difficult to find common ground. People may be very hot-headed and stubborn, unwilling to soften their stance. With the Sun in dramatic Leo, some will use roaring and posturing to intimidate. This is also a time of surprises that can set us off course, at least temporarily. It’s a good idea to stay flexible in our expectations.

Much of this can also be said about the Venus-Uranus square that perfects on Friday–the day before the second Mercury-Eris square. By adding Venus to the mix, we add themes of personal relationships, values, and finances. This is not a good time to try to control another person, or to expect others to behave demurely. Since Venus, like the Sun, is in determined Leo, a friend’s or loved one’s response is not likely to be very accommodating. With this aspect, we want to have our own way, and we will rebel against being told what we should do.

PARTNERSHIPS of all descriptions are in the spotlight for other reasons as well next weekend. Mars aligns with the asteroid Juno on Friday, and both are in hard quincunx aspect with Pluto on Sunday.

Juno, as wife of Jupiter in Roman myth, represents commitment to significant others. Her alignment with Mars can awaken a new level of passion within such a relationship, as well as a desire to protect a loved one.

However, Pluto’s involvement means that it’s not all smooth sailing, that along the way we become aware of the need for an attitude shift. It may be time to address any residual resentments or power inequities that could get in the way of our taking this next step. We may also need to come to terms with latent jealousy or a lack of trust that would interfere with our ability to fully commit to another.

LAST WEEK! There’s still time to buy the replay of my “Coming Into Focus” webinar, which covers the planetary influences over the next seven months–including the all-important Great Alignment in January 2020! If you’re interested, please send an email with “Webinar Replay” in the subject line to, and I’ll reply with details.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: You are conscious of an underlying restlessness this year, a desire for something new–even if you’re not fully aware of what that “new” might be. You are more willing to take risks now, and a stronger self-confidence is growing as you heal old wounds that once held you in a place of fear. This year relates back to 1997 or 1998, when you were also redefining yourself, and marks a next step in the process of living an even more authentic life. Relationships are of primary interest to you this year, and provide the means by which you gain even greater self-understanding. Be ready for surprises! (Solar Return Sun conjunct Venus, trine Jupiter, square Uranus, trine Chiron)

In Gratitude and Light,


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Aspects of Note This Week

All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours.

MON: Mercury square Eris, Sun square Uranus
TUE: Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mars quincunx Neptune
WED: Pluto square Pallas Athene, New Moon 8:11 p.m., Mercury goes direct 8:57 p.m.
THU: Venus trine Chiron
FRI: Venus square Uranus, Mars conjunct Juno
SAT: Mars sesquiquadrate Chiron, Mercury square Eris
SUN: Mars quincunx Pluto, Pluto quincunx Juno

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