Hilarion – Marlene Swetlishoff


Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! There has been a shift, placing the Earth and all her inhabitants on a new trajectory as you now cross the threshold to a higher Light and consciousness, a new way of being. This new way is achieved by following and utilizing the inner guidance of your heart as you connect ever more deeply to your true authentic self, letting go of all perceived limitations and restrictions of the old paradigm way of thinking. There is no going back now, you must deal with it, accept it, embrace it and embody it as your own authentic truth.

This energy is touching and impacting every being on the planet. It is Infinite Light that resonates with all beings at whatever level of awareness and consciousness they may be in and is felt most deeply as a feeling of love that leaves its imprint on the collective field of humankind’s conscious and unconscious aspects. By following your hearts intuition and higher consciousness, you are being spiraled out of the old into the new. And this Infinite Light, this energy, does not hold you back, it empowers and allows you to fly as far as you want to go.

This Infinite Light and energy will make a deep impact on every soul living on the planet and requires each of them to tune into their feelings and how this energy resonates within them. They are closing the wings of their intellect and opening the wings of their heart as they do this. They are building a path through this intuitive understanding with thoughts, images, healing, balancing, holding, transforming and sharing – and this is done automatically through the collective field of consciousness.

 This process will continue to occur as a new field is imprinted and co-created.The activation of this Infinite Light takes place on the non-physical body first then it becomes a living potential on the Earthly physical body. This allows the natural flow of Light through, which is at this time being released of anything that blocks one’s progress. It is well to become an observer during this process in order to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to free oneself from the old ways of doing and being.

 This Infinite Light is the resonance of the divine Christ consciousness at all levels of the density waves. Each of you is a conduit for the anchoring of these waves, fields, and streams as they flow through your inner core centre, your main energy nodes and chakras into inner Earth as a torus flow.


All of this is opening you to become aware that you know that you are looking, feeling and taking part in the general upgrade of all life, humanity and the collective consciousness. You are being the space holder of this benevolent energy as we move further into the new decade ahead in order to establish these new waves into all life upon this planet and the entire solar system, galaxy and universe.  

Until next month,  

I AM Hilarion. 

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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