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Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! The view from our perspective is magnificent as we look upon the Lights that you are radiating in ever growing circles encompassing hundreds of miles each. Are you aware of the power and beauty that you are, Dear Ones? As you continue to keep on keeping on and holding your high visions of the new Earth reality, you are all becoming ever greater beacons of Light.

As your Light quotient and your love quotient increases, your sphere of influence will ripple outwards in a greater radius than before and you will literally be a shining Light in the world! Those who have “eyes” to see will discern and sense the changes that are occurring within you and around you. Take some time before bedtime to stand in the dark and “see” your own Light around you while your eyes are closed. Perhaps it will not happen at once but if you persist, you will have success in this exercise.

There is much activity occurring energetically all around you now and there is no one that is not being affected by these great energies of love. The energy of love is very healing and cleansing and what can come forth from within you and those around you are old patterns that are being brought to the surface for reviewing and releasing.

As this happens, it may not feel pleasant to the one experiencing these as they surface but if you try to be the observer rather than a participant as these old patterns play out and stay in a neutral emotional state, you will be able to transmute all that comes up with greater ease and grace. Always ask that this be so, that all the changes happening to you and through you be transmuted by you with grace and ease, safety, guidance and protection and have faith that it is done.

You will notice that those around you will begin to exhibit different personas as the great energies of love do their work upon everyone and everything upon the planet. After they first clear all that must be looked at and released, there will be a greater sense of peace and harmony that will manifest within them. You will find more people smiling and willing to share their joy of life with each other.

What individuals really desire and want will begin to show a decided change in their priorities and they will choose a simpler lifestyle that will free them of much stress and will therefore, bring them more happiness and peace. As more peace is felt within more individuals, there will be more peace upon Earth and this will grow exponentially until peace prevails on Earth.

Beloved Ones, hold to your visions of peace, abundance and prosperity for all, of a beautiful and verdant Earth, clean air, clean water and life enhancing food. Think life enhancing thoughts as much as is possible given the changes that are taking place within you and understand that what you choose to think constantly in your thoughts is what you are creating in your daily life.

You are the creator of all that takes place in your life, so it behooves you to discipline and train your minds into service to the Master being that you are becoming, rather than having your mind control and distract you from that greater purpose. It is a wonderful time to learn, grow and expand in all directions and life will gradually become the magnificent adventure it was always meant to be. Seize each moment as it presents itself for exploring and enjoy it to the fullest. Live your life to the fullest!

Know that you are loved beyond measure by we, your spiritual friends and comrades, who have been with you since time began and will be with you always.

I AM Mother Mary

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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