Pleiadian Tarot readings and reflections: Tarot – Nine’s Path for 06/03/2019

Readings and reflections:   06/03/2019
Look, the World Is ChangingBy Maryann Rada on Jun 03, 2019 08:55 am
Perhaps, reconsider… Your enthusiasm for following a particular plan has lately met a quantum jump in circumstances. Whether that’s inner or wide-rangingly external, what you’re facing right now is the moment of stepping into a new pair of shoes, metaphorically speaking. Do you have what it takes to do what’s before you? Of course you do, but you would do well to take a moment to look at things from a coldly logical perspective. You’ve gained in wisdom, and your skills are met with a challenge you can most certainly achieve. The recent shift in cosmic gear hasn’t caught you off-guard, either; you’re moving along quite well, in fact. To move into mastery, you may want to move into your mind more exclusively, just until you feel the sharp point of the moment’s import. What’s happening now will have an effect on what comes. You need to be sharp, yourself. Pay attention.Scroll down to continue reading…King of SwordsThe terrain you’ve traveled has given you much to consider about yourself and your world, but its substance is falling away. Time is turning. #ninespath #pleiadiantarot
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In reviewing facts as they are, you gain some clarity. Unclouded by emotion, your innate wisdom rises to give you an insight, and the moment deserves your attention. Don’t worry if you feel you may not be up to the challenge, however. You are given some role models and some guides. If you’re tempted to follow the pull of your heart, pause and take another look around. You’re primed for success and you don’t want to let this opportunity for advancement slip by without giving it your all. Your all may mean more than you have yet summoned from yourself. If you feel at a loss with how to make the most of the moment, turn around, look logically. Who’s looming larger than life, playing the part of a Nemesis of success? Who’s encouraging you to evolve into mastery, challenging you to be more than you’ve ever thought you could? Put yourself into the position of trusting that you succeed. Look at your mental landscape anew.You need to look back, even if it makes you sigh. The terrain you’ve traveled has given you much to consider about yourself and your world, but its substance is falling away. Time is turning and you’re moving into new terrain. Before you fully commit to your new life, assess what you’ve gained as wisdom. How have you decided to embellish your thoughts? Are you ready to move on from a paradigm that’s becoming deflated? You are given a very clear indication, whether you recognize it or not, that the future is going to be brilliant with a change so dramatic that it tears through what you now see as the backstory of life as you know it. Once you pull your gaze from the Great What-Was into the crux of time’s present shift, you’ll feel the merge into what’s yet to come. The reality you know is about to meet a dynamic new dimension. Raise your eyes a bit, shift your focus. You’ll see it.© Maryann Rada, all rights reserved. Repost permitted with link to original post.READ THIS WEEK’S MESSAGEThis post focuses awareness on the three-card spread of this week’s Pleiadian Tarot message. Get a deeper understanding of the movement of Nine through your reality. Join a discussion of Pleiadian tarot posts at the Roundtable Forum. On Facebook? Join the Pleiadian Tarot group!Nine’s Path Pleiadian Tarot messages are posted every Thursday, with a follow-up single-card reading for keeping on the path posted the following Monday. Subscribe to get them and other posts (channeled messages and articles) delivered to your inbox. 


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