Energy Update – Awakening to the Beauty of Awareness by Matt Kahn

Dear Beautiful,We begin this energy update by acknowledging the collective patterns being addressed and healed in so many empathic hearts. Many light workers and energetically sensitive beings are currently going through the death of unworthiness. Of course, on the other side exists self-esteem, excitement, joy, passion, courage, confidence, intuitive discernment, effortless flow, and the ability to convey our truths with diplomacy. And yet, what it takes to make it there is often facing and addressing the shame, lack of control, disempowerment, grief, guilt, pain, and discomfort of our deep-rooted ‘shutdownness’ where, at a young and tender age, we dimmed our light in order to not be unlike or ‘too much for’ others.In order to heal this core wound and allow unworthiness to be resolved with respect, dignity and love, we honor the vibrational theme of June.June is the 6th month, or halfway point, in our twelve month calendar cycle. The number 6 represents the importance of balance; particularly, in the relationship between your inner world and outer reality. This allows June to be a month where a deliberate focus on all aspects of balance is called into greater aligned action. Are you giving others too much of your time to the detriment of your own personal needs? Are you covering up the discomfort of vulnerable emotions with food, alcohol, drugs, co-dependent relationships, impulsive spending, or excessive use of plant medicine?Perhaps the imbalance is reversed. Are you spending so much time going inward, cocooning, and processing your experiences that your relationships suffer as a result? Do you contemplate more often than you communicate? Do you find yourself spending more time envisioning a more perfect reality than you are present in the circumstances at hand? Are you avoiding choices or conversations that may instigate discord or conflict just to stay safe in a bubble of complacency? Do you spend more time beating yourself up than adoring your innocence?There is no right or wrong answer to these questions. 
There is only the beauty of awareness.
May this month become a time to take a deeper look at where balance can be further refined and embodied through more consistently empowered decision-making. May June be a catalyst for greater soul integration by honoring that the unworthiness you’ve been carrying is now ready to return to the light. In order to do so, we allow this month to be a time of employing clear boundaries. Not just boundaries with those who may not honor you to the degree you wish to be honored, but boundaries for yourself to help create a renewed focus of self-love, instead of self destruction or self sabotage.In the name of allowing unworthiness to heal to a deeper degree, what boundaries can you create in order to be the kind of person you would be inspired to know?Is it one less drink when you’re out with friends? Choosing to breathe whenever the impulse of blame arises? Facing your feelings immediately and more openly — no matter what triggers them? Making more time for your creative passions, instead of attempting to be all things to all people? Is it making more time to just be instead of do? Is it taking the time to reflect, rejoice, honor and appreciate life, just as it is, instead of trying to manifest at a non-stop pace? Is it taking mini-vacations from trying to figure out your highest purpose to allow the Universe to reveal deeper truths of clarity over time?Maybe it’s putting less force into your efforts and flowing in the direction of simplicity and ease? Perhaps it’s facing the fear of being left out, getting left behind, or feeling like you won’t get it all done in this lifetime for the chance to be more aligned with the perfection of Source? Is it a need to declutter or tackle some household chores that linger? Or maybe it’s beginning and ending each day paying yourself the highest compliments that you have waited your entire life to hear?Whichever boundary resonates with you—perhaps there are several—may you allow June to be a time where greater balance is cultivated in honor of your most triumphant expansion.One mindful choice at a time, we develop the self-esteem to feel worthy of the luxury of change, instead of intimidated by the thought of what it may take from us. With love as your guide, may such changes feel more like a nourishing spa treatment and less like whipping yourself into shape.To further assist you across this threshold and into the celebration of our upcoming solstice, please embrace the wisdom of the following mantra:“I am worthy of change.”Repeat this throughout the day as often as possible to amplify the worthiness that allows change to be exciting instead of exhausting. Knowing, if fear arises through more empowered decision-making, always remember that fear simply means you don’t yet know how to handle and receive all the excitement coming your way.From my heart to yours, you are worthy of all the change life is ready to bring you. All you have to do is take a few outrageously vulnerable steps forward and the Universe will be there to walk you home.Goodbye unworthiness. Thank you for guiding us back into our power, where we are as worthy to receive as we are willing to give.All For Love,


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