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You may find yourself feeling emotional again after recent events.
You have been moving forward and then a reminder or a trigger may have you going back.
You have the power to handle this in a way that is beneficial for you bringing healing and forward growth.
Honor your emotions but honor yourself, your energy, your well being and your spiritual growth more than anything.
See the lessons from this situation. See how you have connected more to your inner power and unveiled more of your magnificence.
There may have been moments you have been tuned in to that and shined, feeling an exhilaration for life, a freedom of creation as there are no limitations only to feel once again the fear creeping in remembering past hurt that keeps you from flying.
Dont do that to yourself.
You have tasted freedom.
You have seen your beauty shine through.
Dont give in to your fears.
If you still need to process some of that past hurt then do so
But dont lose perspective and dont stay there.
If the hurt is bringing back resentment
Make a point in forgiving, releasing the resentment in order to gain your freedom.
Release what has been
Let it go
Prior events
And older events
Embrace your freedom of expression and creation, setting loose all your zest for life
All your creative juices craving to be set free
Open yourself to more, much more than what you have been allowing yourself to see, to embrace, to experience in this life
There is so much more in you to be expressed.
There is so much more to be experienced.
The possibility of expanding your experience lies in your hands alone.
Look at how you limit yourself on a daily basis.
Look at what you tell yourself about yourself and about life.
You do not realise how you limit your experience with negative limiting thoughts.
There is a whole new world waiting for you to experience.
Widen your perspective about yourself
About your capabities and about life.
Open up to more opportunities around you that you may not have seen
Open your eyes, your ears and your state of mind.
Let go of what has come before
Set out to experience more out of life
And you will find more
Make sure you pay attention to the energy and intentions you are putting out there with your thoughts and spoken word, even your actions, and pay attention to the energy you are absorbing
Make sure you surround yourself with positive influence through the people you are in contact with or any information you read or see online
Surround yourself with beauty and uplifting vibration and nourish your world with the same
Expect to see a positive turnaround
In the way you experience life
One that will honor your creation as you honor yourself 


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