Returning to One Point – April 30th, 2019


Returning to One Point ~ April 30, 2019

Via Pat Donworth 

“AS YOU PROBABLY KNOW, THIS PLANET IS IN A STATE OF ASCENSION. Its frequency is rising at a very rapid rate and it’s losing density. Matter, as you know it from the third dimension, is densification of Light. That densification is beginning to drop off and the vibratory weight of each and everyone of you, as well as the entire planet, is rising. It’s a pretty exciting process.

“When you have a process of densification, such as that occurring in your universe, you reach a point when it’s gone to maximum separation from the purest forms of Light. At that point of maximum separation, a shift occurs, and the planet begins to reverse its process and start on what we would term a homeward route, i.e. back to the One Point.

“Each time that a planet ascends, it’s a unique process — the process of reunification. And the joy of reunification is expressed differently, depending on how the game was played. This game was one of the greatest possible separation from Spirit you could have. It was very successful.

“What makes the game interesting is the question, “How should I do it this time? What energies, emotions, and life will I express in this path of reunification?” What we call the “inbreath and the outbreath” of the Source has occurred many, many times, and this particular inbreath will have its own unique expression and delight, as this planet and all other planets return to the One Point.

“This planet is in a state of transition to Light, or a process of ascension. It is a gradual process — you are not matter one day and Light the next day. Everyone is in the process, and many of you are at least halfway.”

— Tashira Tachi-ren, What Is Lightbody?



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