A Message to Lightworkers – December 17, 2018


A Message to Lightworkers – December 17, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective . . . 

Today’s message is an excerpt from the Collective’s new book, Earth Life Challenges: The Collective Speak on Dealing with Trauma and Life Changes.

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Excerpt from Earth Life Challenges

Chapter 14 – “On Grief, and Feeling Lost on the Path”
QUESTION: I was feeling so much love and joy, and imagined being part of the Ascension process. I have been able to see things since I was a child, including meeting an Arcturian in an astral travel experience.

I have had a very hard life with abuse, and sacrificed a lot for my younger siblings—I raised them. Last September, my younger sister died. She just died in her sleep, and there is no concrete reason for it. It seems as if she just wanted to leave her body, and did that. 

She died alone, and I feel responsible, because I could have done more for her, but we had begun to push each other away.

Her death has me full of negative emotions. I don’t believe in Ascension or anything anymore. I kind of hate the Angels, and feel very used and abused, and I feel these things for my sister as well.

I don’t want to have kids anymore. I started to think about having an affair, and have been shoplifting. All these things to feel better. I don’t care about consequences.

I still see the Angel lights (flashes or streaks of bright light) sometimes. They remind me that they are here, but who cares. They are useless. We live in a 3D reality, and it sucks.

I don’t believe we will go higher and be free, or be more than this. I would love to be able to transition into being nonphysical, and be able to fly wherever I wanted, and manifest whatever I wanted. This is not possible, and I have lost all faith or hope it will ever happen.

I now feel angry with the spiritual community. I see them as delusional, as dreamers, or people who need a wake-up call. 

I don’t like the advice I have been given by psychics. (I consulted many after my sister died.) These people who say they can channel, really just say a lot of b.s., and they really don’t care if you’re hurting.

Human emotion and connection are really lacking within the spiritual groups I have communicated with. They make a show of caring, but when something happens, they don’t aren’t there for you.

Is this pain and hate part of the process too? I’m not sure I’ll ever find joy again, or return to a spiritual path again.

It feels to me that I am off it, even though I was told by psychics that I am part of the Ascension process, part of the second wave, and that I would start hearing my sister and be able to channel her.

I have been told so many times that I can channel, but I think all they said was wrong.

My sister was able to channel. She also communicated with animals, but was also suffering so much, emotionally. Now she is no more.

Being in a different form is no comfort; it means that the girl does not exist anymore.

Those are my feelings. I am looking for a little bit of hope, so somehow someone can make me feel better. I’m a fallen Angel in a way, and wondering if I can be saved. I really don’t have much hope that I will be.

What do you have to say for the people who were on the path of Ascension, and then got knocked down and have completely fallen?

I appreciate honesty and bluntness, but also please remember that I lost my baby girl who never found happiness, and that is not something you get over.

The Collective:
 You stand in the fire, dear one, and despite all its powerful, transmuting qualities, it is still a painfully difficult, even a frightening place to be. 

You still desire the higher dimensions—the freedom that a higher density being experiences all the time, being able to transport themselves, and to manifest outwardly in an instant.

You have for the moment chosen a lack of belief in any life after the physical. You are despising physical death due to the fact that transition into nonphysical does not appear as you would prefer.

Almost no one living in what is still in many ways a third dimensional Earth, ever wants to experience losing a loved one to physical death. You have witnessed your sister’s transition as the disappearance of someone you loved, raised, and protected.

And to not know where her precious and loving presence has gone to, nor be able to connect with her, is making your experience of loss all the more difficult.

You are not so much in hatred as in shock, dear one. You are not so much in disbelief of Life after Life, as understanding the finality and utterly temporary nature of the physical in a whole new way. You are in fact traveling out of the physical, in the sense that you now see well beyond it.

Photo by Renee Turcotte

This could not have occurred on such a profound level without your experiencing releasing one you have loved from this experience, as she travels back Home, from a place of low density to her natural place of very high, refined energies.

So refined that you cannot see her from where you are now, and certainly, cannot sense her inwardly, amidst the rage and shock of your grief.

Though you say you no longer feel connected to the Angels, and no longer believe or care about spiritual matters, you do in fact care more deeply about them now than you ever have. 

This is why you are refusing all expressions of false spirituality. It has led you to demand only honesty from now on, on every level of life. It makes the shoplifting and the thought of an affair easier and even seem sensible, since all rules are broken, now that the greatest one has been broken.

The veil has fallen from your eyes. You no longer live in any form of illusion or pretense, of promises or “belief systems.”

Life must prove itself to you now, including life beyond what you have known as a human in physical form.

And yet, this is where you have wanted to be. For all its discomfort, this is the path you chose before incarnating, and your sister was fully in agreement with that plan.

With her seemingly too-early departure from the physical, she knew she would help you reach the understanding and evolvement that she herself had already reached.

Do not mistake this journey you are on and the life you have lived for Who you really are, and what you have come to experience and to gain.

You are correct when you say that your sister actually belongs not to this Earth but to the higher etheric world of energy, Light, pure Love, and joyful expression of the true self.

She belongs to other, higher dimensional realms—higher density planets and star systems. And she lived out a far higher life purpose than what you could see.

When you speak of flying here or there, or manifesting instantly, you speak of what you witness in your sister’s own experience and your own, as you travel in the higher realms.

Your sister (who has also in other lives been your daughter, your friend, your comrade) is a brilliant Light Being, aware of energy on a very high level, able to interpret, read, communicate not only with people and animals but life and energy forms of all kinds.
She travels this Universe with great facility and Joy, not to establish any kind of permanence or safety as humans try to design for themselves right from the start, but for the pure Experience of Knowing and Understanding, for the increasing wisdom of serving others in ways that will serve not only their higher good, but the higher good of the collective consciousness, and of all life.

On Earth she was a Healer, a Communicator, and an Interpreter who could bring through not only messages from the higher realms, but the very high frequencies embedded in them that would not only restore a person’s sense of higher self, but aid them in remembering their higher purpose, connecting them to energies that would assist them in tapping into the resources needed to complete their purpose.

Photo by Renee Turcotte

This is a rare gift. At one point in her timeline, your beloved realized on a higher level that her work would be far better accomplished were she to return to the nonphysical.

This would enable her energies to reach a greater number of people, animals, plant life—all of Earth life as it increases in vibration. 

And so when you speak of flying here or there, or manifesting instantly—you speak of what you witness in your sister’s experience and your own, as you travel in the higher realms.

This comes from the deeply held memories you carry forward into the day, from your sleep state. You visit her often in your etheric body, while your physical body rests at night.

During that time, she is explaining, in her own way (via energy transmission) why she decided to leave when she did, and how that decision weaves into your own evolvement.

She is aware of how shocking and painful her leaving was to you. She asks now that you trust and honor her path, wherever it takes her.

The Earth notion of death is mired in many thousands of years of mental programming.

That and the much-reduced human capacity for a fully conscious visiting of the higher realms keeps anyone’s understanding of Life after Life very small.

Increasingly, many are overcoming this as empowering energies reach the Earth from your sun, via the Great Central Sun.

And so your idea of death is to fixate on the loss of a person’s physical presence, as proof that they are no more. And that you have lost, and are irretrievably given over to suffering now.

In a sense, your suffering is only as deep as your Love for this dear and brilliant higher being, and is entirely understandable. It is a way of honoring her life.

But it is not where she herself desires for you to live for any extended period of time.

You have given her many months of your sadness, and she understands your feeling that her departure was unnecessary and could have been avoided. She understands that it seems she gave up amidst the pain and challenges of her Earth life.

She knows you feel that you should have been there when it happened, or made life easier for her, so that she would not have had to leave so suddenly, and seemingly for no other reason than her suffering.

We assure you, she knew her suffering, but she was not in a state of giving up and feeling it was useless to go on. She had learned what she came here to learn, and was ready to move on to continue her work on a higher level.

Photo by Renee Turcotte
She is Home where she longed to be in this last Earth life, and in all Earth lives she has ever lived, being a highly refined being with many Angelic aspects, and an Angelic Love of higher dimensional music, Nature, animals, children, and all natural forms of life . . . 

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