Creator Wading Through… by jenniferfarley


December 16, 2018
Wading Through…

Wading Through…
by jenniferfarley

It is time, dear one! As the next shift approaches, it is time to put those chest waders on. (Smiling) Each human will react differently, and you may need to wade through some not so pleasant things to get to where you need to go. There are a few of ways to approach this:

Wade on by, mention they can come with you if they choose. Not very compassionate, but effective for some.
Reach out and grab as many as you feel you can handle. Very compassionate, but the extra weight might be a bit much.
3. Stop for a moment, talk to those who signal for assistance and offer to walk with them. Share ideas with a loving heart, do what you can to help and maintain your boundaries…remembering, all the while, that you can aid but not walk their path for them. ~ Creator


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