You Came Here To Accomplish


You Came Here To Accomplish

A Direct Message From VERONICA
“We have spoken to many that find themselves floundering in a dense reality. Searching for meaning in a thickness such as this is like looking for a needle in a haystack. You know the needle is there, but are unable to put your finger on it.

In your heart it is important to ‘feel into’ your own energy while attempting to steady yourself.

If you are an advanced energy the ability to find peace within should be easy. However, obstacles of negative energy can and will derail the most enlightened of souls.

Every day attempt to clear the noise from your surroundings. It’s not just the external noise of which we speak…… it is also the internal noise. Fortunately you are capable of extinguishing that inside voice that complicates your life.

By calming this chitter chatter there is opportunity to find that clear moment.

There is lamentation inside when this occurrence is not consistent. So make a focused effort to be one with spirit. Quiet all the opinions, including your own. The truth of your energy does have something to say. Step back and allow it to come forward.

The unsteady floundering can be made more solid by keeping the quiet close to you. Banish all doubt by committing to the growth of your soul.

We realize how daunting it all can be. There is great empathy for all those incarnate at this time.

Receive that empathy with intent. The intent being able to keep clear about what you are doing on the planet. Empathy is worth giving and receiving. Use it wisely.

Appreciate ‘the gift’ of it.

Then continue on your way to evolution even in all of the muck and mire of the reality.

You came here to accomplish a task. Your inner clarity will whisper it in your ear if you are listening.

Be sure to listen.

Be empathic.

Be you.

Be joyful.

Be still.

The rest will unfold for your growth.”


News, Updates, and Background Information
* This fifth issue of “Inner Whispers” Vol. 2 is part of new series that will run in parallel with “Inner Whispers” Vol 1 and the Special Editions. You will receive them all.

* “Inner Whispers” Radio is a 30 minute (or so) radio show and related series of podcasts where VERONICA answers questions posted by listeners and always includes a direct “Message To You and The World” directly from VERONICA at the end of each show.

All shows are recorded live, are commercial free, and all of the podcasts, now 63 of them, are available at and also on the iHeart Radio Network website. You can post your own questions or comments, and all podcasts can be downloaded (free) for your personal collection.

* If you would like to schedule a direct telephone conversation with VERONICA, inquire at

* VERONICA has a Facebook page at “VERONICA via April Crawford”.

* You probably already know about VERONICA and April Crawford. However, if you have received this issue from a friend or family member, here is the basic background information:


VERONICA is a Causal Plane nonphysical Entity and Guide that speaks and writes via a Full Body Open Deep Trance Channel named April Crawford. VERONICA is internationally known with clients worldwide.

VERONICA has completed over 10,000 telephone and in-person readings with individuals, including medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, professional mediums and energy workers and intuitives, as well as business CEO’s and founders on a wide range of personal and client related issues.

For more information, including many free videos of VERONICA speaking, try To schedule a telephone conversation/reading directly and one-on-one with VERONICA, inquire via email at

ABOUT April Crawford:

The short version is that April Crawford is one of the world’s most naturally adept Full Body Open Deep Trance Channels. April is also a best selling author, with ten print books and more than ten books for Kindle available at AMAZON and other on-line bookstores. You can find all of them in both print book and Kindle digital formats by searching “April Crawford” when you get there. The same search term will also work on YouTube.

“Inner Whispers” Vol. 2 Issue No. 5


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